So now all we gotta do is win 4 in a row. 
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The Sailor said <<First Name>>, you're a fine girl (such a fine girl),
what a good wife, you would be.

- kelly sue demonic -

We're going to Europe. In 20 minutes. I'm not even a little bit prepared. Like, I-don't-know-where-we're-staying-in-Rome prepared. Matt did get us some kind of a wifi-in-your-pocket device, which is cool, because we didn't want to have any more children anyway.  

Okay, so! We're going to be at the Paris Comic Con and the Lucca Comics and Games Festival and if you are going to be in either of those places, we're excited to meet you. I promise to have stopped freaking out by then. 

Then we're going to go to Rome for, like, a day, just so we can see Cinecittà. If anybody has any tips (like where we should stay in Rome)--hit us up. We have a free day or two in Paris and a day in Rome and we haven't bought so much as a single travel book and literally have no plan whatsoever, save for the two conventions.  ADULTING, EVERYONE!


For those 200 or so of you who came here off Ellis's newsletter... I'm terribly sorry. Timing being what it is. But HI.

Things you might want to know: 

++ This newsletter is supposed to be weekly, but it's seldom that frequent. The good news is, we're absolutely not going to inundate your mailbox. 

++ "Milkfed Criminal Masterminds" is comic book and television writers Kelly Sue DeConnick (That's me. Hi.) and Matt Fraction (my husband. He's usually writes something here too, but he's not feeling it this morning and we're in a bit of a rush). Milkfed is ALSO our editor, Lauren Sankovitch, our Lt. Trouble, Kit Cox, our Majordomo, Ms. Wendy (I forgot to ask if I could link to her, so I'll honor her privacy), our interns (In)Turner and Sophie, and our many wonderful collaborators (like Chip Zdarsky down there). I think Kit's planning on doing proper intros at some point. 

++ This newsletter is a bit of a collage -- bits of life around our office; thoughts on work practices, sometimes specific to writing comics and/or television, sometimes not; links; goofiness; and practical things like support materials for comic book retailers, libraries and book clubs, publishing calendars, previews, sneak peeks and whatnot. Stick around for a couple issues, and if you don't see anything here for you, unsubscribe. We'll be devastated to lose you of course, but we're strong and we'll learn to go on. (We also know the pain of the never-ending Inbox, so we seriously -- it's cool.) 

++ There are 5.2K subscribers to this newsletter. Replies to this email are always read. Not always answered, but always read. 

++ If you scoff at the Inbox gods, well then, my own favorite newsletters come from Warren Ellis, Jamelle Bouie, Ed Yong (Ed's is especially fascinating to me) and Messy Ness Chic

++ All right, enough of this nonsense.  Who wants to see some PRETTY DEADLY SEVEN PAGES?? (Pretty Deadly is a mythical western from myself, Emma Ríos, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles. Atoll Comics has published some deep reads of previous issues.)

++ Is the Hawkeye Omnibus Hardcover out today?  Ah, yes. Marvel says it is. That might be a thing you'd want to pick up. If you like comics. And coffee. And underdogs. 

- the cox box -

A whole heckton of new people subscribed over the past few days -- we think Warren Ellis is to blame/thank for this -- so my plan for today was to do some short intro blurbs in here so you guys could get to know those of us who aren't Kelly Sue or Matt (or guest weirdo Chip) a little bit. Then the new The Force Awakens trailer happened last night and my brain is a happy bowl of Star Wars mush and I'm kind of reveling in just being Ralph Wiggum about it for the next little while.

So. Real intros will wait; for now hi new folks, I'm Kit Cox, Kelly Sue & Matt's "executive assistant," which I just discovered looks like a euphemism when you put it in quotation marks like that!! Awesome.

Anyway, Monday morning I discovered that I'd been SKELETON'D!!

It's sort of HALLOWEENTIMES now so here's OFFICE SKELETON CHARLES FLANKENSPIDER around the office DOIN' THAT SKELETON THING and chatting with Ms. Wendy, wearing a snappy skeleton jacket and throwing up some skeleton signs with Matt.. He wouldn't take a duckface skelfie with me. Ridiculous.

- chip's corner!!! -


Hi! It’s me, Chip Zdarsky, with the very first installment of my new column, CHIP’S CORNER! A lot’s happened in my life lately and I can’t wait to share it with you! In fact, I WON’T wait! Here’s what’s been going down!


-Matt sent me a nice mug:


-I ordered pizza twice last week. The second time I didn’t even tell my girlfriend, so when the door rang, I went downstairs, paid for the pizza, and ate it like an animal in our front hallway. When I went back upstairs and she asked who was at the door I panicked and told her it was just an ex-girlfriend who wanted to go down on me for olde tymes sake and so I let her. I don’t think she bought my story because I stunk of pizza and wasn’t crying like I usually do after sex. But she was still pretty angry!


-I turned down a Harvey Award.


-I lost a Shuster Award.


-So I have no awards.


-Ordered a third pizza last week. I forgot about it because it was directly after the second pizza and was an accident as I thought I was just voting for my favourite pizza online, when in fact I was ordering one. When it showed up my girlfriend got pretty mad and made me eat it while she watched, already suspecting that I had just eaten one. We made love afterward and I thought I was going to die, but that happens to be my fetish (dying from pizza bloat sex) so everything worked out well.


That’s all for now! Keep on subscribing for more!




matt types this
A lot of people are talking about BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 today because today is BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 day and when will the Cubs win and whither hoverboards and self-tying shoes and Jaws 17 and whatnot.

What freaks me out is this: now we are all lea thompson.
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