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And though I used to wonder why
I used to cry till I was dry
Still sometimes I get a strange pain insiiiiide
Oh <<First Name>> if you're hurting so am I

- matt fraction -

I drove Howard (and Ken, and Tom, and Lauren, and everybody at Image, and Cadmus) crazy getting it done, but it's done and tomorrow it's out. An awful lot about SATELLITE SAM was a love letter to Howard (much to his mortification, I'm sure) and that means the big hardcover is a  Xs and Os at the very end.
And SEX CRIMINALS #13 hits, and the canvas gets a little bigger, and there's some really amazing Chipwork involved, and only one teenage blowjob and zero semen monsters HI MOM 
And tomorrow's special XXX variant is by notorious art fonzie COOP (<--VVNSFW) and is completely ridiculous for any number of reasons we'll get into probably in the letter column of issue 14 I guess.

I feel like I should tell a story here. I feel like I should do or say or share something that isn't just shilling books.

Uh... My father's hospital bill was a half a million dollars?

No, no, that's not -- that's no -- nobody wants to hear that. 

Okay, here: a Howard Chaykin story. Or maybe a Kelly Sue story, I don't know. 

Kelly Sue -- KELLY SUE -- once wore a pair of extraordinary, and extraordinarily painful shoes -- to a party where Howard was, just so he could see them. She kept them in her purse. She put them on as we got out of the cab. She wore them to the party. She took them off the second the door closed on the cab ride back to the hotel.

Only Howard.
- kelly sue demonic -

They were really great shoes.  Pale taupe with a black stiletto and black lace cuban heel. 

I don't have much to report. Nose to the grindstone, as the saying goes. Some random thoughts +++

+++I'm reading RACE TO INCARCERATE, which I highly recommend if you want a quick primer on the history of Mass Incarceration in our great nation. Perfect timing too, reading this in October, as it's both scary and horrifying that this is happening on our watch. 

+++On the flip side, I got to meet Nadia Bolz-Weber last night and oh my god, I love her. ("You're as short as I am tall!" she said.) I don't identify as Christian, but I just ordered Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People and I can't wait to read it. 

+++We're headed to Europe on the 21st for the Paris Comic Con and the festival in Lucca. I don't know what to pack. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO PACK. I dunno. I ordered some shoe bags. I am a failure as a human being. 

+++Took Tallulah and her friend to see The Doubleclicks at Guardian Games' 10th Anniversary Saturday night. T's current favorite song is "Cats at Parties." I'm a "This is my Jam" girl, myself. Oh and Tallulah and Devorah kicked off the baby mosh pit, so, you know, you're welcome Guardian Games. Happy Anniversary. 

+++HL wants to learn to play Pokemon, speaking of Guardian Games. Thank you, Carter Peterson. Those binders of cards you gave us are gonna get some love. 

+++Joe Hill is giving bullet journaling a shot. I'm a little giddy about that. 

+++Bill Oakley, have you seen Seems like your jam. 

+++And yeah, I know, I owe you guys a write up on my bulletin boards and how I use them for planning books and arcs. I'll get to it eventually, I promise. 

+++Oh, and thanks for your feedback on Milkfed merch last week -- that was really helpful. We've got some stuff in the pipeline now I'm really excited about. More as I can. In the meantime, if you think of anything you'd want us to make available, hit REPLY. 

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