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I bought you a pair of shoes
A trumpet you can blow
And a book of rules
On what to say to people
When they pick on you
'Cause if you stay with us
you're gonna be pretty Kookie too

- matt fraction -

- kelly sue deconnick -

I ought to be writing a Bitch Planet backmatter essay right now, but I'm stuck for a topic and this needs to be done as well, so at least my fingers are moving, yeah?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! New Year's Day is my favorite holiday, over Christmas, Halloween and all the rest. The Fresh Start Effect always works for me and the older I get the longer I seem able to ride that momentum. Bowie's death hit our house hard, but even so we're still standing, and I'm feeling fairly optimistic about 2016. 

Just got back from Atlanta, where I visited Brian Bendis on the set of Powers. As Fraction and I are starting to venture in to TV more and more, I wanted to get a sense for what a writer does on the set. Had a great time and learned a lot from Brian, and from everyone else. 48 hours of competency porn. Oh, and this happened

I've got a short story in the upcoming Princeless Anthology, co-written with Kit Cox, art by Ted Brandt and Rosy Higgins. If you haven't checked out this Eisner-nominated series before, Jeremy and the crew are doing some really fantastic all-ages work. 

Speaking of new stuff, Fiasco Playset Anthologies are out -- with forwards by myself, Fraction and Kurtis Wiebe. I love this game. Check out the Fiasco episode of TableTop if you're not familiar. 

On the home front, we're ALL SCOUTING ALL THE TIME right now as it's both Cookie Season and Pinewood Derby time. T's troop has a community goal to donate dog food to an animal shelter (which reminds me, I need to contact the Pixie Project) and a personal goal to throw themselves an ice cream party. With cherries. The cherries are very important.

Henry Leo doesn't much care if his pinewood derby car is fast, but he wants it to look like a Hot Rod Chomper from Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Because what says scouting like zombies and video games, amirite? (All Henry Leo wanted for Christmas was his own YouTube channel, so this is not exactly out of character.) 

I still haven't seen Creed, but we do have tickets to see The Hunger at the Hollywood, so I don't suck entirely. Been watching Citizen Kane a fair bit lately, with Ebert's commentary and without, in preparation for an upcoming project. I also need to get my hands on the 1988 film SUNSET. 

The second volume of Pretty Deadly is wrapping up (on my end, not on yours) and godDAMN I love this book. Issue 8 is my favorite since Issue 3 of the first arc. I hope you'll pick it up. Planning the third volume now. 

Bitch Planet 7's back page is called MISANDRY COSMETICS: DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY WITH YOUR PRETTY, PRETTY FACE. McCubbin outdid herself with this one and I made myself laugh at my own joke. So there. And Val made an Aladdin Sane tribute NC for the backmatter. Swoon. Oh, and the cover of BP10 is my favorite so far. 

New interns started!  Everybody say hello to Peter and Sasha.  We didn't make them wear onesies. We're bad at hazing. 

Oh! Oh! And last thing: there are two Bitch Planet scripts up at the Comic Book Script Archive

- the cox box -
- by kit cox- 
- get it?- 

So that short in the Princeless Anthology Kelly Sue talked about in her box! A couple newsletters ago I mentioned (type-yelled) that we were cowriting something -- this is it! It's CRAZY COOL seeing the art come together now (it probably helps that Rosy & Ted were total delights from, like, the minute we sent our draft over). Rosy just shot over a peek at some character sketches they did this morning and y'all, these two are Real Talented. The expressions they bust out are HILARIOUS. 

Yeah, that's all I've got. eeeeeeeee!

Oh! Except this: Fraction's out doing #DADSHIT so I will jump in and tell you guys that ODY-C #9 is 1) out next week (you knew that) and 2) it's REALLY FUCKING GOOD. It's intense and gorgeous and unsettling and go ahead and judge it by its cover because whoa, tbh:

- retailer roundup -

Hear ye, hear ye! Get your retailer assets...!

On offer today:
ODY-C #9

And preorder forms* for:


*ATTN: Discerning Customer Types...last day to get the preorder forms above to the fine retailer near you is 1/25/2016...AKA Final Order Cutoff (FOC)!
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