This is how I break down an issue of a comic. 
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- kelly sue deconnick -

This is what it looks like when I break down an issue of a comic. I usually work backwards, sometimes--especially at the end of an arc--trying to space out more than one issue at a time, because if I don't, I find I run into pacing issues.  Sometimes I run into pacing issues anyway.  

If you compare these notes in my bullet journal to the actual issues, you'll find things change from plan to execution, but I thought it might be interesting or helpful for some of you to see the rubble of the planning process. 

I'm headed to NYC at some ungodly hour of the morning tomorrow for NYC Comic Con! I hadn't planned on attending this year, so I don't have a signing schedule or anything. But I was invited to moderate the Emerald City (NBC) panel (details below) and I could not resist. So now I'm going. At 3:45 am. PLEASE COME TO THE PANEL! We'll be screening the first 40 minutes of the 2-hour pilot, and doing a Q&A with the stars, as well as show runners Shaun Cassidy and David Schulner. And some prizes for good questions. COSPLAYERS: you're gonna wanna see the Cardinal Witches. For reals. 

Speaking of Shaun Cassidy... 

Announced Tuesday: Kelly Sue and Shaun Cassidy [Yes, that Shaun Cassidy!] are writing REDLINERS, a show based on True Blood author Charlaine Harris's Small Kingdoms, for NBC! Details here.

If I don't catch you in NYC this time, I'll be back for Festival Albertine, November 2-6. More details on that one as I have it. 

Portlanders: I'll be at the Pantsuits for Hillary fundraiser on October 13th and I invite you to join me. (Here's the pantsuit I wore to the Urban League PDX Equal Opportunity Dinner. Join the PDX Urban League right here. Find out more about the National Urban League here.)

OH, and: we have a confirmed, for real, street date for Bitch Planet #9: 11/2/16.  Six days before the election. Somehow appropriate. 


SEE YOU THERE, NYCC?! (Kelly Sue's moderating the panel, so, yes.)

KPTV covered Matt & Kelly Sue's signing here at Cloud 9 Comics in PDX. Also, their intro caption was "TWO HOT WRITERS" and I (Kit) am never going to let Matt & Kel forget this.

The spectacle surrounding Lionel Shriver's controversial speech revealed more than one layer of prejudice: What Happened In Brisbane by Suki Kim.

The New York Times' Kaitlyn Greenidge asks: Who Gets to Write What? Thoughtful take on the "write what you know" adage examines whether (and when) someone has the "right" to portray an experience that isn't their own.


Scott Westerfeld is serializing Spill Zone, on the FreakAngels model. 

Milkfed's "Uncle Chris" is part of the new Two-Headed Press launch. 
- intern's corner! -

Hello comics people! I’m Jenny, the Fall term intern at Milkfed. A quick rundown about me: I’m a grad student at Portland State University, earning a MA in English as well as a Comics Studies Certificate, and I’m a comics scholar and writer. Originally from a small town on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, I’ve lived in Portland for about a year now with five houseplants, a little black bunny named Bernadette, and a typewriter. My favorite food is coffee, and I almost never take off my socks. 

I’ve been at Milkfed for about two weeks now, and I’m still in awe of being a part of this amazing team. It’s like having stage fright and feeling like you’ve come home all at once. Applying to intern for Milkfed wasn’t a chance endeavor; I’d been studying Matt’s run on HAWKEYE for months before I heard about the position. My focus area in the world of comics lies in how disabilities - specifically invisible disabilities like deafness, blindness, and different types of mental illness or neurodiversity - are visually represented. Thanks to the amazing scholars and creators whom I’ve met since starting my MA program, I’ve had the chance to present my work at several symposiums and conferences already, including Rose City Comic Con here in Portland. The next logical step for me is to take a look at how influential comics writers of nontraditional characters - like Matt and Kelly Sue - actually collaborate with their amazing co-creators and support staff. To do that, here I am with Milkfed. 

So while I’m drinking coffee and petting Pablo the cat, I’m also getting my first experience being up close and personal with a group of people who have a successful, established method of creating amazing comics. It’s pretty much the best thing I could ask for at this point in my career.

  • Oct 8 - Kelly Sue's moderating the 5:30PM panel at NYCC for the new-this-fall NBC show Emerald City, of which she wrote an episode!
  • Oct 26 - ODY-C #12 on sale
  • Nov 2 - Bitch Planet 9 on Sale
  • Nov 8 - US Election Day
  • Nov 23 - (JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAZE):  ODY-C: CYCLE ONE HC on sale (big, beautiful HC filled with never-before-seen art, concepts, issues #1-12, and the entire monster-sized gatefold from issue #1.)
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