It's been a little crazy round here. 
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Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
High-o Silver, away

- kelly sue deconnick -

Welcome to Reality Television Politics and Apocalypse Fatigue!

Scott Baio is 55 and ...speaking at the RNC. That guy from Duck Dynasty too. So, hey, Clint Eastwood talking trash to a chair is about to be one of the least weird performances in the history of our major party national conventions. Huzzah. (Alas, my idea for a Antonio Sabato Jr. vs. Channing Tatum, Game of Thrones style-champion battle for the Presidency -- ONLY WITH STRIPPING INSTEAD OF COMBAT! -- isn't getting much traction on Twitter. Huh. And I thought #ichoosedancing was such a clever hashtag.)

I got nothing y'all, I'm sorry. 

We haven't sent out a newsletter in a while mostly because we've just been too far behind to not feel guilty taking the time to put one together but also in part because what do you even say in the wake of all this? The fucking clown car that is American Electoral Politics (and British too, for that matter) aside, there's Orlando. And Karrada. And Nice. And Dallas. And Baton Rouge. And Ankara. And Alton Sterling. And Philandro Castile. And Qandeel Baloch. And everywhere in Nigeria, seems like... A state of bile-inducing grief is becoming status quo. I feel myself growing numb and craving space to find joy in my friends, my family and my immediate surroundings. At a time when my head tells me the antidote to this global wave of intolerance and terror is to RAGE defiant love and radical empathy as far and wide as possible... all I want to do is sleep in, avoid email and maybe throw the ball for the dogs in the back yard a bit. I expect that's a sane reaction, but I'm not sure it's a helpful one. 

Too, I've been researching suicide quite a bit lately. (For a thing I can't tell you about yet. I'm sorry; I haven't quite figured out how to talk around the things we can't talk about without coming off like an ass yet. I'm working on it.) I'm tempted to say that's probably not helping my attitude, but that feels like a lie. I find the topic fascinating, and my interest remains surprisingly dispassionate. I have the luxury of never having lost a close friend or family member to suicide. And though there were times when I was drinking that I would fantasize about getting hit by a bus, I don't think I can honestly say I've ever been suicidal. I've fantasized about a great many things I don't actually want to see to fruition. Usually more murderous than self-destructive. Such is my ego, I guess. (Had a conversation with a gentleman at Heroes Con with regard to BITCH PLANET condoning violence. The thing is, the book's a satire. It doesn't condone violence any more than Swift was into the idea of eating babies. It's a violent revenge fantasy, yes, but it's pointedly critique and FANTASY. For hundreds of years we've not just allowed but celebrated men's violent fantasies. Why are we so afraid of angry women?*) 

I found these two links to be particularly intriguing for their insight into the Suicide Belt of the American Northwest and the Pirahã people of the Amazon:

The Suicide Paradox
Surviving Suicide in Wyoming

If anyone wants to recommend further reading, I'm listening.

PARISIAN WHITE is being drawn, but once a week I send an email to Sienkiewicz telling him I need to add two scenes to the end of the first issue and then follow it up roughly 6 hours later saying no, no, nevermind. I'm a professional. Is it weird that he's stopped writing me back? 

Got two care packages in the mail from folks giving me research material for PRETTY DEADLY V3--a book on black music in NYC post-WWI and a package of materials on silent films. I owe both folks big thanks. If you're reading this, my angels: I thank you. Here's a link to a Pretty Deadly vol. 2 preview. It's off to the printer and there's bonus content in this collection. 

BITCH PLANET 9 is going to be late. Shocking absolutely no one. We're endeavoring to make sure it's worth the wait and to make that wait as minimal as possible. 

Also shocking absolutely no one (except me, as I thought the trailers looked terrible): I loved Ghostbusters. Most fun I've had at a summer movie in... Jesus, I don't even know how long. I enjoyed it more than Guardians of the Galaxy and the first Iron Man and I LOVED THEM BOTH. Also can't wait to read the paper someone writes on all the tropes they subvert because nerd.  

Made a big decision last Thursday. Premature to share, but I spent about 45 minutes on the phone talking it through with Neil Gaiman and he said he was proud of me. So I'm a douchebag for namedropping but wouldn't you? 

My birthday was last week. It only occurs to me at this moment that I made my big decision the day before my birthday and those two events are prooooobably not unrelated. I'm 46. My son drew pictures of all my characters, my daughter colored a sheet of paper almost entirely black. He's a sweetheart and she's goth as fuck, y'all. 

NBC has started releasing character posters for Emerald City

Oh, and Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan paid someone to "flock" our yard as a birthday present

So I guess life ain't all bad.  

* That's a rhetorical question. Please do not write back and explain it to me, pal. 

- matt fraction -

I realized that, if CASANOVA is 10, then so was the publication of my first Marvel books.

An editor pal used to say that Wednesday was the worst day in comics, because it was the day all the mistakes got made permanent. I agree -- so much so, in fact, that unless I need to remind myself of something, I don't go back and reread my stuff after the last proofreading pass I do, pre-publication. 

We launched the MILKFED website and I thought, oh, this will be funny: I'll go back and reread all my Marvel stuff, in order of publication, and critique it. What advice would I give the writer I was ten years ago, just starting out? What do I think of that work now, what do I like, what don't I like, what works, what doesn't? Most of all, won't it make me excruciatingly uncomfortable to reread all that stuff, warts and all, and evaluate the work that functionally built my career in the superhero mainstream?

Yes, yes it will.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (just posted today)

We made the most insane thing of all time: the ODY-C Adult Coloring and Activity Book and you should tell your store you want it. Don't believe me? Go ahead, click the thingy up there, check it out. LOOK HOW MUCH BETTER WARD'S ART LOOKS WHEN MY DUMB WORDS AREN'T IN THE WAY.

We made the second most insane thing of all time: ODY-C 11, which retells the story of the Fall of the House of Atreus, entirely in limerick.

This week comes CASANOVA: ACEDIA #6. Which I very much do remember writing, thank you very much.
- the snake pit -

Welcome to the part of the newsletter where I subject you to photos of nature 'n shit. Do you like this? Loathe it? Lemme know! 

Today we're headed out to Smith Rock State Park near Terrebonne, OR...also known as a climber's paradise. This was from my FIRST trip don't worry...there's plenty more waitin' in the wings. ;-)

FYI...Redpoint Climbers Supply in Terrebonne makes the most AMAZING café breve...just, ummf. 

How great is this place??

Loopy from climbing the Mesa Verde Trail 

View from atop Misery Ridge 

A tête-à-tête at the top of Monkey Face

“Keep close to Nature’s heart ... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” -- John Muir

- intern corner -

Hi! My name is Alissa Sallah, I’m an illustrator/cartoonist recently graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design and I’ve joined the Milkfed team for the summer! I’m dabbling in the editorial side of the business during my stay and I hope to pursue it further in the future. 

While I’ve been here at Milkfed, I’ve been making some doodles about my experiences! Enjoy!

- animal alley -

In honor of our pet population having grown recently, we give you...a roll call!

Pablo Zimbabwe Didgeridoo - Human Resources
AKA "The House Goblin"

Claude Dog - House Mascot
AKA "Professor Tater Tot"

Bearda - Chef
AKA "Dragon Lady"

And, our newest addition...

Stella Athena - Recreation Coordinator
AKA "Princess Wigglebottom"


Comixology announces creator trading cards for Comic Con. Kelly Sue wishes hers came with KISS trivia and stale gum. 

Kelly Sue, Matt and the rest of team Milkfed chatted with Ben Coleman (The Portland Mercury) here at the Milkfed house/office/secret lair.

Bustle on Bitch Planet activewear. 

The Nib is back.

Milkfed pal from waaaaay back, Dave Holmes, has a book out: Party of One. AV Club recommends it and so do we. 

Ars Technica on Bitch Planet. 

Preacher gets second season.

John Boyega will play Idris Elba's son in Pacific Rim 2.

AV Club on Bitch Planet 8.

Graphic Policy on Pretty Deadly #10. 

Wired talks to Warren Ellis about NORMAL.

Business Insider says US spending on prisons and jails grew three times as fast as spending on education in the last 3 decades.

The Box: A Play About Solitary Confinement.
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