Where were you on Onesie Monday? 
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Say it soft and it sounds like praying,|FNAME|

#TeamMilkfed celebrates Onesie Monday!

#wearaonesie #beapal #chewbaccaisourneighbor

(no, seriously, Chewie and Uni are our neighbors.)

- matt fraction -

Hey, I pulled out of Rose City Comic-Con today. Kel and #TEAMMILKFED will still be all up in that shizz but I'm just kind of peopled-out and I'm sorry; I don't have it in me. I'm an introvert by nature and these things tend to be extraordinarily performative for me and afterwards I'm wrecked for a couple days. Going into one pre-wrecked will do none of us any good. 

There'll be the deluxe SATELLITE SAM hardcover and what SEX CRIMINALS V2 CON SPECIAL hardcovers I have left. They're both $40, which is $5 off the SAM hardcover, because I feel bad for not being at the show.

Something fucked up somewhere with the Kate Leth XXX polybags; the SEXCRIMZ 12 XXX VARIANT isn't quite going everywhere all at once this week. I found out on Friday when Diamond sent out notifications to retailers. As soon as I know when they'll be everywhere as they should be I'll let you know. It SHOULD be next week. I don't know. I don't fucking understand. I'm assured people are fixing it somehow. Sorry, Kate. Sorry, everybody.

The REGULAR version will be out everywhere, though, except iTunes and Comixology for iOS and probably some other places where those that have trouble with cum demons make decisions, I don't know. Remember, Image Comics has SEX CRIMINALS on-demand in your format of choice, DRM-free, and 100% cum-angel enabled, and you can PRE-ORDER IT NOW.

Also a dumb SECOND PRINTING of SC11 hits tomorrow, too, I think, and there's a contest? I don't know. 


ODY-C 7 is out Wednesday and is Ward's absolute best work to date. I mean, just goddamn LOOK:

Thank you, to everyone that's reached out in the wake of last week. Kiss somebody you love for me.



- kelly sue deconnick -

[In case anyone missed it previously and isn't sure what Matt's on about up there: his dad passed away on September 5th. Everyone's doing about as well as can be expected at this point. We appreciate your love and understanding.]

According to our handy preorder form the last day to put PRETTY DEADLY 6 on your pull list is TODAY, but that looks to have been a hiccup on our end. Retailers can still order the book up to October 26th, so, you know, you have until October 25th to get your preorders in. THAT SAID, if you want to get something taken care of early, we support you in that decision. If you're on the fence, maybe this sneak peek will push you over? 

Emma Ríos and Jordie Bellaire, folks. Damn. 

Back to work with me. More notebook and pen porn next time, I promise. 

Fall #TeamMilkfed interns are here!! Join us in welcoming Sophie and Turner!

Follow their exploits at @milkfed_intern on the Twitters!

#Retailer Asset Box

ODY-C and Acedia this go round! 

Rose City Comic Con is this weekend here in Portlandtown! (Sept. 19-20)

#TeamMilkfed* will have a table stocked with goodies! Kelly Sue will be on hand for duckface selfies and #bgsd aphorisms. Check out the schedule below for #TeamMilkfed's appearances throughout the weekend. 

(THE DETAILS: Home base is table J5. There’ll be someone there at all times (or most times!) if you want to buy STUFF (Bitch Planet leggings! Backmatter GARBAGE! Other STUFF!) or high-five us or just hang out! Kelly Sue will be there to sign at the times below — she’ll be around here and there at other times, too, but if you want to get something signed or chat with her and you’re carving out time for that in your weekend, check out the schedule!)







Kelly Sue — signing at J5



Bitch Planet Spotlight (Kelly Sue + Valentine De Landro)

Room: Panel Room 8

12:30PM - 1:20PM


Representation in Comics (Kelly Sue)

Room: Panel Room 5

2:00PM - 2:50PM


Away from the Drawing Table - careers in comics and publishing (Lauren Sankovitch)

Room: Panel Room 5

3:00PM - 3:50PM


Image Comics: Where Creators Own Thrills (Kelly Sue + Valentine De Landro)

Room: Panel Room 3

3:30PM - 4:20PM


Kelly Sue — signing at J5






Kelly Sue — signing at J5
10:00 - 11:00AM


Pitching Comic 101 (Lauren Sankovitch)

Room: Panel Room 4

11:30AM - 12:20PM

Kelly Sue with Valentine De Landro — Bitch Planet signing at Espionage Cosmetics booth (833)
12:00 - 2:00 PM


Kelly Sue — signing at J5

2:30 - 3:30 PM

  • Sept 16 - Sex Criminals #12 (regular variant and XXX variant by Kate Leth) and Sex Crims #11 sketch cover contest variant on sale (tweet them shits: #BrimperSketch)
  • Sept 16 - ODY-C #7 on sale
  • Sept 19-20 - Rose City Comic Con
  • Sept 23 - Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4 on sale
  • Sept 23 - Sex Criminals sketch cover contest winner ANNOUNCED on Image website
  • Oct 7 - Bitch Planet vol. 1 trade on sale
  • Oct 7 - Bitch Planet Vol 1 Release Party (PDX)
  • Oct 28 - Christian Ward's Birthday
  • Oct 29-Nov 1 - Lucca Comics and Games Festival
  • Nov 11 - Lauren Sankovitch's birthday
  • Nov 12 - Valentine De Landro's Birthday
  • Dec 1 - Matt's Birthday
  • Dec 20 - Kit's Birthday
  • Nov 18 - Pretty Deadly #6 on sale
  • Dec 23 - Pretty Deadly #7 on sale
  • Jan 27 - Pretty Deadly #8 on sale
  • Feb 21-28 - JoCo Cruise
  • Feb 24 - Pretty Deadly #9 on sale
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