Editor's Foreword

Happy and blessed 2015!
Hope everyone had a good break over the holidays. To help us start our ‘engines’ as we roll into the New Year, we are pleased to present Issue 8, which recaps our November and December activities. 

In this issue, we share a few new guides for the IANA Stewardship Transition. We also cast the Spotlight on our Policy Team and their work. We hope this will be useful in helping you better understand ICANN’s work.
2015 looks set to be a busy and eventful year, starting with the 52nd ICANN Public Meeting in Singapore from 8 – 12 February. If you haven’t registered for it, you can do so here. We’re super excited and look forward to welcoming you back to our sunny island. 
Have a great 2015 and as usual, happy reading!
**Correction for APAC Newsletter Issue 7
In the article on the "Australia Internet Governance Forum & Australia Network Operators Group”, we had reported that Savé Vocea updated the forum on the IANA function stewardship transition and also around ICANN Accountability. This is inaccurate. There was a panel discussion led by ICANN Board Member Chris Disspain to discuss the IANA function inside the Gov of the Internet session. There wasn’t any specific dedicated session to discuss this topic on its own. We apologise for any confusion caused.

Event Highlights

Registrar Outreach in APAC

Written by Howard Li
As part of our Registrar Outreach Plan to strengthen relationships between ICANN and registrars in the region, I visited registrars in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in late November.
During the visit, I introduced our Registrar Services team functions, how ICANN develop policies, and helped to clarify the requirements in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement and the Consensus Policies. The trip was mutually fruitful and we look forward to more active participation from the registrars in ICANN community.
In the first half of 2015, I hope to visit various registrars in China and Taiwan. We will continue to strive to provide better services to registrars in the region through different means, and we welcome registrars to provide their valuable feedback. 


Written by Champika Wijayatunga
I was in Port Vila, Vanuatu during 26-28 November to conduct a DNS/DNSSEC workshop hosted by the Prime Minister's Office / Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO). The workshop was a collaborative activity between Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) and ICANN.
There were 33 participants from various organizations including OGCIO staff and Telecom Vanuatu Ltd / VUNIC, the .VU country code top-level domain. 
During this trip I also met with OGCIO staff,  .VU technical staff and discussed about deploying DNSSEC and signing the .VU zone. Currently there are some technical infrastructure upgrades happening at .VU and they will plan to incorporate DNSSEC deployment into that.

Community Readout Sessions

Written by Kelvin Wong & Song Zheng
It is always heartening to see the efforts of community-organized ICANN Readout sessions by JPNIC and Internet Association Japan (IAjapan), held consistently after each ICANN meeting to the Japanese community in their local language. The 41st edition was held in conjunction with  Japan Internet Week in Tokyo in November, and provided a two-hour recap of the ICANN 51 meeting in Los Angeles to 70 attendees. The topics covered ranged from Government Advisory Committee proceedings, new generic top-level domain discussions, to Country-Code Names Supporting Organization and Root Server System Advisory Committee reports, and ended with a panel discussion on ICANN’s future and way forward.  
Together with Japan Liaison Yumi Ohashi, we updated the community about APAC activities in Asia and Japan as well as discussed ways to reach out to the wider community. We also appreciated the opportunity to exchange views on how we can work better with one another, be it over such sessions, through survey queries or during the social events. Indeed, the ICANN Readout session has become an important channel both for ICANN APAC Hub to listen to the concerns of the community, and for the community to hear directly from ICANN. 

On 3 November, ICANN Beijing Engagement Center and China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) jointly held a similar Readout session for the Chinese community members. Over 20 people from government agencies, industry associations, research institutes, and domain name industry participated. ICANN's local language service contractors were also invited to attend this event. The participants exchanged information on their activities at ICANN 51 and discussed China's future participation in ICANN. 
This was the first time that local registries and private research institutes were included in a Readout session. This illustrated a concrete progress towards improving ICANN's inclusiveness in China and another achievement made possible by our CATR partnership. Hopefully it will become a routine event after every ICANN meeting. 

Latest Internet Governance Activities in Korea

Written by Song Kang Soo
On 18 December, a new KIGA (Korea Internet Governance Alliance) was inaugurated with 22 members from academia, technology, civil society, business and government.
For the past 15 years, KIGA was government-led and focused on Internet address policies and issues. The new group is now an open discussion arena embracing consensus-based decision-making and open to public. The group of volunteers will discuss Internet-related policy, technology and security issues.
One of the working group discussions in 2014 was on the IANA Stewardship Transition. This remains a top priority and KIGA is actively following up and preparing for Korean stakeholders’ proposals. More will be shared soon. 

Engagement in Samoa

On 26 - 27 November, the Samoa Office of the Regulator hosted a consultation meeting about deploying an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Samoa. About 45 participants from government, local and technical communities and academia attended.
Savé Vocea, Vice President of Australasia & Pacific Islands, was invited to speak about ICANN’s role and the potential for partnerships. In particular, he highlighted the multi-stakeholder model and how communities can engage and work on the Policy Development Process. He also took the opportunity to share the Boston Consulting Group report on e-friction and that infrastructure development could lower e-friction. 
Moving forward, together with Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), we will plan to provide more training and capacity building in the area of Internet Protocol address and Domain Name System management, as well as sharing best practices with the Samoa community. 

*The Samoa Office of the Regulator's objective is to establish a fair and unbiased regulatory and licensing environment to foster national and international investment in telecommunication services in Samoa. 

China’s First International Internet Governance Forum - World Internet Conference

Written by Song Zheng
On 19-21 November, China hosted the World Internet Conference (WIC) in Wuzhen, a small scenic town of Zhejiang province. More than 1000 participants from government agencies, businesses, research institutes, civil societies and international organizations from over 100 countries joined the meeting.

The conference hosted 13 sub-forums over Internet governance (IG), Internet economy, cyber security and cyber legal issues. The whole event was open and inclusive, and provided valuable platforms for dialogue and discussion.
ICANN played a constructive and significant role throughout the WIC. CEO Fadi Chehadé, APAC Vice President & Managing Director Kuek Yu-Chuang and I attended WIC at the Chinese government's invitation. Both Fadi and Kuek took the opportunity to introduce the multi-stakeholder model and ICANN's positions on IG issues to the participants. Besides attending official events, Fadi also met with other participants including other governmental representatives and leaders in business. In addition to government and business engagement, Fadi also accepted nine interviews by print, TV and online media including Reuters, CCTV, China Daily, China Radio International and Sina.
Fadi was one of the invited speakers at the Opening Ceremony and also attended the high level dialogue on IG. He also joined a group meeting with Premier Li Keqiang where he was one of the eight persons invited to speak at the meeting. 
The first WIC proved to be a great success both for the Chinese Internet community and for ICANN. China has since announced that WIC will become an annual event. We look forward to more engagement opportunities in the 2015 WIC.

Where else has ICANN APAC been?

Towards the end of the year, the APAC team stretched across many events and activities. Here is a list of other events we attended:

Dates Events Market
3 November Readout Session on ICANN 51 for Chinese Community Beijing, China
4 & 7 November New gTLD Worldwide Roadshow Beijing & Shanghai, China
13-14 November IT Electronics and Telecom Exhibition Cambodia
18 November Domain Name Conference Taipei, Taiwan
18-21 November Internet Week 2014 / ICANN Readout Session Tokyo, Japan
19-21 November World Internet Conference Zhejiang, China
20 November International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cyber Security New Delhi, India
26-27 November Samoa IXP (Internet Exchange Point) Consultation Apia, Samoa
26-28 November Collaborative DNSSEC Workshop Port Villa, Vanuatu
27-28 November Registrar Outreach Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1 December Asia Internet Symposium Kolkata, India
1-5 December PacNOG 16 Honiara, Solomon Islands
11 December APAC Webinar - ICANN 51 Readout Session & Policy Updates Singapore
12-13 December Hosting Con Mumbai Mumbai, India
15-18 December Registrar Outreach Jakarta, Indonesia
19-20 December DNSSEC Workshop Jakarta, Indonesia

In the Spotlight

ICANN's Global Policy Development Support Team

Written by The Policy Team

Policy recommendations for the Domain Name System (DNS) are developed and refined by the ICANN community through its Supporting Organizations (SOs) and influenced by Advisory Committees (ACs) – all comprised of volunteers from across the world – in a "bottom-up," multi-stakeholder, open and transparent process.
Volunteer working groups form around an issue and consider it from all angles, making decisions by consensus wherever possible. There are currently 70 working groups on various ICANN policy – most are open to everyone in ICANN’s volunteer community.
ICANN’s global policy development team provides support services to these groups with 24 subject matter and secretariat support experts, located in 9 countries covering 9 timezones, and speaking 12 languages. The policy team:
  • Facilitates discussions by the ICANN Community to develop policies, advice and guidelines that are implementable and effective;
  • Guides a highly participative, fair, and balanced process in a timely and efficient way;
  • Supports the ICANN Community to inform and educate stakeholders through various policy and related activities and sessions.
Policy development or advisory issues under discussion range from domain name transfer policy changes, proxy & privacy services, translation & transliteration of contact information for DNS directory services, mechanisms to protect the names of international organizations, a framework of interpretation on how country code names may be delegated or redelegated, to advisories on the security and stability of the Internet. 

You may have read our Policy Update that provides links to extensive background for each pending policy issue and up-to-date status. To receive the monthly Policy Update via e-mail, simply visit the ICANN Subscription page, enter your e-mail address and other information to subscribe.
You may also have participated in our Policy Update Webinars prior to each public ICANN meeting and at other regional meetings. Recordings and transcripts from previous presentations are available online here. Please join us for the next one on 29 January.
We welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding the ICANN Policy Update at  

In Other Words...

The IANA Stewardship Transition

The IANA Stewardship Transition is high on the agenda in 2015, with January as the first milestone deadline for submission of transition proposals to IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group. If you’re interested in this major topic of discussion, here are some guides that can help.

  • A joint LACNIC-ICANN video explaining the IANA Functions: What you need to know about IANA? 
  • A new infographic depicting the Interrelation between the IANA Stewardship Transition and Enhancing ICANN Accountability Processes. Download it here.  
  • An update blog by Theresa Swinehart on the status of both processes as of 18 December. 
And don’t forget to bookmark the transition homepage for constant updates. 

We Need You...

ICANN 53 Fellowship Application Now Open

Application is now open for prospective candidates from developing countries interested to attend and participate in the June ICANN 53 meeting in Buenos Aires. Closing date is 16 January. Please visit here for more information.

Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP) 

We are seeking more members to join the Standing Panel for PICDRP, which supports the New gTLD Program. The PICDRP is designed to serve the interests of the Internet community, in particular, the registry’s public interest commitments as outlined in its contract with ICANN. Please see details including background, qualifications, compensation etc here. The closing date is 2 February

2015 ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award

Nominations are now open for ICANN’s award program that seeks to recognise long-standing community members who have served in leadership roles in multiple ICANN working groups or committees. The award will be presented at ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires. More details can be found here. Closing date is 2 March.

ICANN Leadership Positions Open 

ICANN Nominating Committee (NomCom) is inviting interested individuals to submit applications or recommend candidates for several key leadership positions that are currently open. Here is the announcement and applications can be emailed to Closing date is 15 March

What's New?

Additions to the APAC Team

Jasmine Lim – Contractual Compliance Analyst
Jasmine (left) is the latest addition to the Contractual Compliance team, based in Singapore. Her primary role is to research and analyze data for ongoing and special projects, support the team in audits, processing complaints as well as developing metrics for various internal and external reports.

Liz Chai – Senior Accountant
Liz (center) joins us in Singapore and is responsible for driving the implementation of Finance functions in APAC, ensuring that APAC transactions are accurately and timely accounted and reported, as well as compliant with all local regulatory requirements.

Yumi Ohashi – Japan Liaison
Yumi (right) is our Japan-based liaison supporting our APAC hub’s engagement efforts and providing an additional channel for the Japanese community to give feedback and input to ICANN processes. 

Regional Engagement Calendar

Dates Events Market
9 January IP Insights Seminar Singapore
17-24 January South Asia Network Operators Group (SANOG) Conference and Workshop Sri Lanka
25 January Convergence India India
5 February INTERPOL Internet Investigations Training Singapore
8-12 February ICANN 52 Meeting Singapore
February Education Outreach to Singapore University Singapore
24 February-6 March APRICOT (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies) Japan

For details on events, please refer to this calendar our website.