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Welcome to the First Issue of The Whatcom County Snippet!
We're looking forward to providing our readers with content that is informative, educational, and fun. If you have any questions or feedback about this first edition, please email us at
What an exciting and productive year for WeSNiP! We are excited to share the following stats from our friends and partners at the Whatcom Humane Society. After deciding that we can limit dog and cat overpopulation more by focusing our resources and efforts on financial assistance, transport, and TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return), we have had a very successful year.

Our TNR program is working!! Between the beginning of 2012 (the year we started trapping) and the end of 2013, intake and euthanasia of feral cats dropped by 75% !  Thank you supporters and donors!

Whatcom Humane Society Stats 2008/2013

2008: Total intake of cats = 2,738
Total intake of cats = 1,523
Lives Saved = 1,215 cats who did not enter the shelter.

NOTE: WeSNiP began the Spay/Neuter Program in 2008.

2008: Total intake of dogs = 1,999
Total intake of dogs = 1,588
Lives Saved = 400
dogs who did not enter the shelter.

2008: Total euthanasia of cats = 1,645
2013: Total euthanasia of cats = 621
Lives Saved = 1,024

2008: Euthanasia of unweaned kittens = 460
2013: Euthanasia of unweaned kittens = 61
Lives Saved = 399

2008: Euthanasia of feral cats = 334
2011: Euthanasia of feral cats = 294
2013: Euthanasia of feral cats = 83
Lives Saved = 251
NOTE: WeSNiP began the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) Program in 2012.

2008: Euthanasia of adoptable cats due to lack of space = 224
2013: Euthanasia of adoptable cats due to lack of space = 37
Lives Saved = 187

2008: Total euthanasia of dogs = 464
2013: Total euthanasia of dogs = 334
Lives Saved = 130

For 2014, WeSNiP is focusing on the dogs and cats most likely to contribute to the overpopulation problem -- free roaming animals in target areas. What is a target area? Mostly rural areas pointed out to us by the Whatcom Humane Society.
What's New at WeSNiP?
New Transport!
WeSNiP is now transporting at least 30 cats to and from the NOAH Center weekly and transporting trapped cats to and from their colonies! We realized that we needed a designated transport vehicle to manage this. We are incredibly lucky to have had a donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) who saw this need and helped us to purchase and add art to a wonderful van for this purpose!
We are all so grateful! This allows us to make sure we can transport a large number of animals in a safe and comfortable way and have wonderful and informative advertisement as well. We can't thank them and all of our supporters enough for this opportunity to make sure more and more cats and dogs get altered in Whatcom County!
New Venue For Garage Sale
It’s that time again! WeSNIP’s awesome GARAGE SALE! Please plan to join us for our biggest and best sale ever coming up in April! We have a new venue lined up with plenty of space for all our fabulous stuff.

It will be located at the former Crossroads thrift store on Guide Meridian Road, near Bakerview Road.There will be a wide variety of furniture, art, clothes, housewares, craft supplies, garden and holiday items, bath and beauty items, decor, pet supplies, jewelry, and more. And don't forget the famous man cave! You name it, We got it! We are accepting donated items now! Please call Dianne at (360) 398-8262.
The former Crossroads Thrift Store.
4145 Guide Meridian, #103, near Bakerview Rd.

All proceeds go toward funding WeSNiP’s mission to eliminate euthanasia for healthy cats and dogs. More garage sale information to come in the next issue of The Whatcom County Snippet.

Thank You Volunteers!

A Shout-Out to all our hard working volunteers! Did you know that our garage sale team works YEAR ROUND? They are busy gathering and sorting items in order to make our garage sale events the best ever! Thank you for making this huge contribution to WeSNiP!

You Can Help Us Prevent Overpopulation

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How We Help

WeSNiP focuses on financial assistance to low-income pet owners, and trapping and transporting of feral or free-roaming cats as well as pet cats and dogs. We work with the community to find the local program that’s the best fit for them and their animals.
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