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Louise Keen experiments with low-tech, low cost media and the use of traditional craft techniques with the express view to re purpose everyday objects. Drawing with the stitch from a sewing machine and by hand, her process transforms the discarded into the desirable. Louise Keen is currently a graduate recipient of the Artist Alliance Mentoring Programme. Recent exhibitions include Saloon des Ferari Group Show 2014 at  Fuzzyvibes Gallery and Miami Art Fair -Art Takes Miami Exhibition 2014.  We look forward to seeing you tonight to celebrate her new exhibition.

From "The Four Temperaments" by Rev.Conrad Hock:

1. Inclination to reflection. The thinking of the melancholic easily turns into reflection. The thoughts of the melancholic are far reaching. He dwells with pleasure upon the past and is preoccupied by occurrences of the long ago; he is penetrating; is not satisfied with the superficial, searches for the cause and correlation of things; seeks the laws which affect human life, the principles according to which man should act. His thoughts are of a wide range; he looks ahead into the future; ascends to the eternal. The melancholic is of an extremely soft-hearted disposition. His very thoughts arouse his own sympathy and are accompanied by a mysterious longing. Often they stir him up profoundly, particularly religious reflections or plans which he cherishes; yet he hardly permits his fierce excitement to be noticed outwardly. The untrained melancholic is easily given to brooding and to day-dreaming.

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