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Makai tends to fly under the radar, quietly exploring new areas of ocean technology. However, after completing our 41st year of business, we decided it was time to share the news about our latest projects with our biggest asset - YOU. 

You are receiving this inaugural newsletter as a valued friend, associate, colleague, or client of ours. We will respect your time and inbox. You may expect short, simple, updates on (what we think are) pretty cool ocean technology projects, about twice per year. Please let us know what you think; we're listening. We hope you enjoy!

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The MOE Team
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Makai's Ocean Energy Team
The Ocean Energy team made great progress in 2014. Makai's Ocean Energy Research Center in Kailua-Kona received new heat exchangers and a turbine-generator for our Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) demonstration plant. In addition to testing  third party heat exchangers, we are working on scaling up new designs of our own.

At the moment we are busy installing the OTEC turbine-generator. Later this year, the turbine will supply ocean energy to the Hawaiian electrical grid, making it the world's largest operational OTEC plant, and the first ever cc-OTEC plant to connect to a U.S. grid. Makai is in discussions with international partners about the next steps for OTEC - at the 1 megawatt size and beyond. Stay tuned...

On our Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) side, we did a test run of Makai's new SWAC model on Navy sites, and a feasibility study of several islands in the Caribbean. We are supporting a SWAC project in Mauritius and several others around the world as they move forward.
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Makai's Subsea Cable Team
Makai's cable development team released a new version of the popular subsea cable route planning software, MakaiPlan in July 2014. In Venezuela, MakaiLay Power saw action when it was used to successfully install a subsea power cable in November, 2014.

Wondering what subsea cables are used for? Check out this video.
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Makai's Underwater Vehicle Team
The newest 'business area' of Makai is our Underwater Vehicle division. Since 2012, Makai has been developing an innovative new 'hybrid' underwater vehicle, called the Bottom-Skimming Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, or B-SAUV for you acronym lovers. We see a lot of interesting applications for the B-SAUV, such as oceanographic data collection and remote sensing.

New buoy/cable project awards include: a grant for deep drifting sonobuoys, modeling for vertical arrays and towed arrays, and a DARPA contract for a system called Tactical Undersea Network Architecture (TUNA). The DARPA TUNA project involves deep subsea buoys connected with fiber optic cables.
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Employee Spotlight:

Dale Jensen
Senior Ocean Engineer
For Makai's pipeline clients, Dale's is a familiar face. Since 1984, he has worked at Makai developing expertise in marine pipelines, seawater air conditioning, and ocean thermal energy systems. He has gained a wealth of knowledge about the engineering and construction of marine pipelines on such landmark projects as the Cornell Lake Source Cooling project, the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort seawater air conditioning project, the world's largest and deepest seawater intake 55 inch diameter pipeline at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA), and most recently, on a repair of the 40 inch diameter deep seawater pipeline, also at NELHA. When he's not riding his road bike to work, he is practicing his French or spending time with his wife Madi, and his two adult children, Will and Samantha.
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