Planetary antiscia for June. Solstice reverberates Equinox. Idolatry

June Antiscia +

Happy Solstice: June 20

Greetings. This month we see a solstitial lunation:  

After the full moon at 29°56' Sagittarius and just before the solstice.

In the charts below for the solstice and past equinox (for Washington, DC), you'll note the Ascendants in both fall very close to one another. This is not out of the ordinary.

What is unusual is the degree of Mars (at the Aries Ingress Ascendant) being picked up and reverberated at the solstice. Peregrine Saturn (this time closely squaring Neptune) advances strongly on the Ascendant, and Jupiter Rahu is on the Midheaven again, though just beginning to retreat. The Sun falls in the eighth house, and the Moon (in detriment in Capricorn) is in the second place of resources. Mercury is powerful and advances on the setting angle (with Fortune); it is contra-antiscia Pluto.

Listen to Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan discuss the solstice and the month of June here

I had a fantastic time presenting my material on antiscia for Nightlight last month. If you missed the online seminar, you may purchase it on my website. It runs close to three-hours long and contains many diagrams and slides - especially useful for those of us who are visual learners! Leave me feedback or share your own findings on antiscia on the Symmetrical Astrology group page on Facebook. 

This month we're taking a break from Taking Back Words. 
That said, I found Charlie Obert's most recent writing to be a version all in itself. His post is a good one. It's on Idols and Idolatry, a topic I personally like to associate with the water element or triplicity. It begins: 

The Fine Art of Idol Making

This a meditation about Idols and idol making – what idols are, the purpose they serve, how we create them, how they can enliven and enrich our lives.

How we can become Idolaters.

Please notice that I am using the term Idolater in a very positive sense. This is very deliberate, and it is the exact inverse of the negative connotation most people place on the world in our Western “Christlemew” culture. (The word “Christlemew” is a coinage by Lon Milo DuQuette to refer to the common religious heritage of Christians, Muslims and Jews.) In that context, to be an Idolater is to worship something other than the one, true God. It assumes a monotheistic, single standard religion. Further, it assumes that God stands transcendent, outside of His creation (yes, I said His). Either Idols are not permitted, or only Idols of the God are permitted – for instance, pictures of Jesus, or statues of Mary or the saints.

I want to recover what is good about an Idol, to examine what the word means, and to consider how using an Idol affects how I relate to the world. I also want to consider how astrology can be enlivened by understanding and using Idols.

The word Idol goes back to a Greek root, eidos, that means image or form.

Enlivening an Idol or Image is basically treating it as if it is alive, as if it embodies or incarnates a living being. You treat it with reverence, talk to it, honor it, offer sacrifices to it, view it with devotion, and over time the Idol will increasingly embody your devotion. It takes on a life of its own... (read on)

A final something to leave you with: 
From The Beginning of Wisdom by Ibn Ezra (trans. Meira Epstein)

“Even though the Moon has [only] one domicile and the Sun has [only] one domicile, as they are both rulers, their domiciles are considered as belonging to one ruler.” 

(p.83) in footnote: considered as related since they belong to the ruling luminaries ‘homozonia' or ‘like-engirding’


On to the list of planetary antiscia for June 2016. As always this list is available on my website, where you'll also find a brief description of what antiscia is and why it's important, as well as instructions on how to read the list if this is new to you.
(c) = contra-antiscia


1 - 14   Saturn Pluto  (perfects: Jun 3-4)  *within 1° orb to Jun 14

1, 2, 3   Sun Pluto (c)   

2, 3, 4   Venus Pluto (c) 

4   Moon Pluto (c)  evening  (New Moon 14°54 Gemini- conjunct Venus)

5   Moon (0 CAN)   night

6   Moon Sun|Venus   evening

7   Moon Saturn (c)  early morning

8   Moon Mars (c)   morning

8   Moon Mercury   morning

10   Moon Uranus   evening

12   Moon (0 LIB)   evening

13   Moon Node   night

13   Moon Jupiter (c)   late night

14   Moon Neptune   morning

17   Venus (0 CAN)

18   Sun Venus   night

18   Moon Pluto   night

19   Moon Venus (c)   late night

20   Moon (0 CAP)   morning  (Full Moon 29°33 Sagittarius) 

20   Moon Sun (c)   morning

20   Sun (0 CAN)  *Solstice

20, 21   Mercury Pluto (c)  

21   Moon Mercury (c)   morning

21   Moon Saturn   afternoon

23   Moon Mars   early morning

24, 25   Mercury Venus  

25   Moon Uranus (c)   morning

26, 27   Sun Mercury 

27   Moon (0 ARI)   midnight

27   Moon Jupiter   late night

28   Moon Node   midnight 

28   Moon Neptune (c)   morning

29   Mercury (0 CAN) 

painting at top:
Hilma af Klimt

Best wishes! 
Kate Petty 
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