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A message from Neelam

My Dear Sangha,

After a few days of cold spring is finally here for good, and with it, after several months of transition, more stability in the FOTS office as well. 

We are slowly getting organized again and begging to catch up on some projects. The six month programs, that are really at the core and are the foundation of my work with students have ended at the beginning of April.

It was, as usual, a strong invitation to Freedom and a deeply transformative and rich experience for everybody involved, including myself.

It is difficult sometimes, to convey the true meaning of Freedom, Karma/Destiny, Inquiry, the Nervous System Patterns and Embodiment within such a short span of time

The consistent and experiential work that happens in programs transforms the past and affects us so deeply and so much more than just through our understanding.

What we really want is to Be Here and yet when the past is present, do we look for the true invitation in the moment?  Where is our attention?

A longer program gives us an unparalleled opportunity to practice live inquiry and experience presence directly and as Freedom in action in a moment.

Please take an opportunity to read the letter from Zoe, one of this year’s participants.

Open programs this year begin again at the end of May as I am taking a little time off this Spring to rest and attend more to my health.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you all Here, in the Ever Present Invitation.

With Love,

Spring/Summer 2016 Program schedule

What does it mean to Be Here?  Neelam's new video

In the new video, Neelam briefly explores the Direct Experience of Presence & Awakening, and the meaning of Being Here when past is present. 

A Letter from Zoe

Let’s Just Be Here for a Moment”
Six Months with Neelam
Zoe Banks


I completed my first six month program with Neelam on April 3, 2016. Six months passed so quickly, yet this program’s impact continues to unfold in simple moments of joy and rest. My inquiry partner Ophelia and I used to joke with each other that we could hear Neelam’s voice in our heads guiding us in between calls. I still hear Neelam saying “Everything we are looking for is right here” and “Let’s just be here for a moment”. The teaching is so simple, but profoundly deep in its effect.


A gradual and significant shift has taken place as the result of doing this work. Life overall is both more peaceful and joyful. I am not as easily rattled and my capacity to be present with what arises has increased. I feel a thinning out of my ego. I find myself observing life more, wondering at it all, and feeling happy. I feel somewhat like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland who keeps fading until only a big smile remains.


One of the biggest gifts of this program has been learning to meet what arises. Rather than panicking and trying to avoid the past when it arises, I am looking at it as an opportunity to be with the “paper tiger”. I have experienced directly that what feels so uncomfortable or fearful, dissolves with attention. Another new student Damien, expressed this increased ability to be here with these beautiful words, “I really look forward to the next moment of difficulty or pain to meet it with love.”


I feel as if I have found the missing link I have been looking for in my search for freedom. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I have found Glinda the Good (Neelam) who has given me clear instructions for getting home. However, instead of wearing a pair of red slippers and clicking my heels three times, all that I need do is turn my attention towards my body sensations. This is a simplified description of what Neelam teaches, but through this process I have experienced repeatedly that freedom is right here, right now, and is always available. As fellow student Johnathon shared in our last group call, the recognition has come that, “Being here is my purpose.”


With Endless Gratitude,

Zoe Banks


Introducing Manuella Mauconduit

As a long time student of Neelam's, Manuella Mauconduit offers reflections on her ten years of study.

I first met Neelam in France in 2006.

Then, life brought me to the US in 2007 and I started to engage with Neelam in private sessions. I also participated in many longer programs.

All those years satsang after satsang, I listened to her teaching, I  practiced self-inquiry... I was learning so much...I really enjoyed being in Satsang with Neelam.

One Sunday, on a daylong retreat, I fell even more deeply in love with her and her teaching and fully embraced  it all...

With tenderness, presence and clarity Neelam invites us to meet what is here... just the way it is... kindly... «Can I be here»... She helps us clarify any misunderstandings that arise. She educates us about the brain, the nervous system... and more, always in service of the Truth. She guides us over and over again to turn our attention inward and meet ourself... what a blessing!

I have gotten to know and trust that Presence, our True Nature,  can meet everything/anything in a moment. And, with Neelam’s continuous guidance and support, I am committed to cultivate and rely on what I know to be true. And, I live life from there one moment at a time!

Recently, I naturally started volunteering some time hosting and mentoring calls.

I am also volunteering to support Neelam and FOTS in some of the administrative tasks, like schedule and student survey.

I am honored to be in service that way.

Manuella Mauconduit

Private Sessions with Neelam

Sessions with Neelam are an opportunity to deepen your sense of presence in a safe, intimate space. Session are by phone and appointment only. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a session with Neelam.
Link for Private Sessions with Neelam

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