Fire of Truth Satsanga 2014 - 2015 Winter Newsletter
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Fire of Truth Satsanga

“Love, beauty, silence:  that is who we are.”
My dear Sangha,

Welcome everybody, how are you doing today?

It is so nice to have you here and today I would like to speak a little bit about Satsang and why I find Satsang to be the most important meeting of our life.

I was born in a Catholic family in Poland not a very religious one and yet religious enough to go to church every Sunday and participate in the Catholic rituals and holidays.  So this particular image of God is what I have been growing up with and yet throughout of my childhood, as many of us have, I experienced unexpected and unexplained times of Silence, Knowing and Presence.
The heart's desire for love and truth is pure and so I would find myself at times in elation and blissful ecstasy in connection with some of the Catholic rituals and yet in that tradition there was no place for explanation or a point of reference for what I would naturally experience.

For most of my life before Satsang I was not even aware that I was seeking, and yet this desire to know the Truth, has guided all the movements of this life.  Until eventually it manifested in a very clear way: “I want to find somebody who can show me what is beyond this, what is beyond this dichotomy of bliss and suffering.”

Satsang means meeting in Truth. Sat means Truth and Sangha means a gathering of people.  And in the deepest way Satsang means to meet and come to rest in the Truth of who we really are. It is the most important meeting of any lifetime as it ends the illusion of separation and it stops the cycle of birth and death and therefore, suffering.

In my own life meeting Papaji was the most amazing Grace and I know that many of you have your very own unique and powerful stories.  And yet in this world there are still many others waiting to know the Truth and longing for this deep awakening and transformation.  When I first started to sit for Satsang little did I know that the love of truth and the deepening in my own heart will lead me to meet so many of you and support you in awakening and in the ever depending embodiment of the truth of who we really are.
In my day-to-day life I like to keep up with the world events both through reading and through awareness of how the world manifests and arises on the inner …. there is a curiosity here in the context of individual and global events around the tendencies and conditionings that arise.  And what I continuously see, is that the deepest movement, even though most of the time unconscious and therefore unrealized, is to find peace to find happiness to come to rest and to find fulfillment. 

And even though sometimes in the face of suffering this question arises: is there anything else that can be done to alleviate the symptoms?  The momentum here always ends up being towards the inner and towards sharing with you from this simple and powerful truth: that love and peace are already here.

Neelam's Video Message

Our purpose here is to share the teaching with anyone who desires to awaken. And with anyone who desires to fully come to rest in their own True Nature.

Dear Sangha,
Fire of Truth Satsanga is a nonprofit organization established in 1996 as a way to support Neelam’s teaching.  We are primarily volunteer-run and excited to invite you to participate in our winter fundraising campaign. 

As many of you are aware, Neelam has some health issues, which prevent her from traveling and teaching in person. This also prevents her from working with electronics, even those which most of us take for granted.  All of this creates some opportunities and some challengers for us.

Since Neelam is unable to travel, she relies on the teleconference format to share her teachings.  For a number of reasons, this limits the number of attendees.  The good news is that this format allows Neelam to give each of us the personal guidance that is so critical at times.  The bad news is that the tuition raised at these teleconferences is simply not enough to meet our financial commitments. 
Again, we rely on donations from the teaching as well as those generated by our biannual fundraising.  And each year we are approximately $5,000 short which is the amount we allot to scholarships.  Neelam feels strongly that we need to have such scholarships and you probably feel the same.  Fire of Truth Satsanga doesn’t want to simply raise tuition for programs.
Our ongoing goal has been to widen and expand Neelam’s presence in the world community but this effort takes volunteer energy and additional funds that we simply do not have.  After careful research we have discovered we need an additional $5,000 for this project. 

As a way of saying thank you, a volunteer has stepped forward so that FOTS can offer an additional service to bring us closer together and deepen our understanding of the teaching.  Our web site will soon feature a discussion group where we can share with each other on a regular basis, creating a stronger feeling of community, commitment, and deepening.  There will be no charge to Satsang attendees or donors for this service.
Neelam would also like to show her gratitude to you in this fundraiser by giving every donor of a one-time gift of $25 or more a photo of herself. Every monthly pledge, no matter what the amount, will receive a photo also as a token of her appreciation.

If you are on a tight budget, a monthly pledge is a great way to help support FOTS.  Even a small donation of $5 or $10 per month becomes $60 or $120 per year.  Sacrificing one trip to Starbucks or one lunch out each month becomes a pillar of support for Neelam.  If each of us were able to give something, however modest, FOTS would be able to continue to give scholarships.  With a little more money, we could advertise, attract a few more program attendees, and share the financial responsibility for the organization more easily. 
The goal of any spiritual work is to bring us back home, to strengthen our ability to find rest within our True Nature.
Here is our financial goal for this campaign:
  • $5,000 – Program Scholarship Fund
  • $6,600 – Additional Administrative Support
  • $5,000 – Promotion & Marketing
Your donation, small or large, can help make that happen!  Feel free to send us a check or to go to our website ( and click on ‘Donate.’
In Gratitude,
Mary R.

The goal of any spiritual work is to bring us back home, to strengthen our ability to find rest within our True Nature.  Neelam’s teaching provides the necessary tools to live a life of authenticity and to grow our capacity to trust in Presence, even in the most challenging of times … she gives us an opportunity to embrace a life of Freedom.
As Mary said, your donation, big or small, one-time or ongoing, can and does make a difference.  Join us in supporting Neelam and the teaching.
To make an on-line donation, visit the Donate Page on our website.  To mail us a check:  Fire of Truth, 2434 Sedgewick Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23454.

As a long time student of Neelam, I have been blessed on many occasions, to receive partial scholarships for her programs. I am in tremendous gratitude to Fire of Truth and to Neelam for allowing me to participate when otherwise, it would not have been possible.
My work with Neelam and the truly precious Sangha has changed my life. I now see EVERYTHING from a different perspective. Before I began many years ago, I knew not what the TRUTH was. And throughout the years this TRUTH is being learned and fortified, a bit at a time. I knew I wanted Neelam to be my teacher, I knew that her teachings called to me.
Only by the financial scholarship aid that I received, was I able to work with my teacher. The longer programs have been invaluable in keeping my practice alive and vibrant. Thank you so very very much!

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