Goodbye dear Nina, Fundraising update, Schedule reminder,
Welcome Amy!
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"Neelam teaches us that Presence is our True Nature and
that Presence is already here.

Nina, who has supported Fire of Truth for over 12 years with program development, scheduling, and hosting and facilitating events, has retired her volunteer hat.  She has been a stable and sustaining presence throughout the years.  Her sincerity, courage and willingness to serve went above and beyond ... you, my dear friend, will be missed!

Good bye, Farewell, Adieu

A note from Lee

As everyone knows, the primary focus of our current fundraising campaign is raising dollars to continue to finance the scholarship fund, and, in our ongoing effort to widen Neelam’s presence in the World Sangha, to do some advertising … you know, inspiring well placed ads on Google and FaceBook, etc.  And, I am happy to report, we have had a heartwarming response.  But, we have not yet reached our goal.
Most are aware by now of Neelam’s limitations … her inability to travel or to teach in person due to her illness.  And many of you have experienced Neelam’s incredible presence in Satsang via teleconference!
Neelam’s embodiment of the teaching and her always tender approach offers us the very powerful direct experience of Presence … again and again.
By financially supporting Fire of Truth we support Neelam and this summer we are given the opportunity to offer her much needed time off so that she may concentrate on her health … a very real, essential and necessary thing.
By supporting Fire of Truth we support the teaching.  And supporting the teacher and the teaching supports us, the students as we traverse this most amazing path.

This is important work, perhaps the most significant work we do ... this Meeting Truth, Presence, the awakening to our True Nature ... and it simply could not happen without your help.  Thank you to all who have given, and to all who will give.
Love, Beauty, Silence … that is who we are!
In Grace,

(Read Neelam's letter of appeal here)


Welcome Amy!

Amy Phoenix

Amy's volunteer responsibilities include hosting, Facebook coordination and a myriad of other behind-the-scenes organizational tasks to help Fire of Truth run smoothly.

You can read Amy's story about how she found Neelam by clicking here.

Neelam's Teaching Schedule

Freedom In Every Moment
An Open TeleSatsang
Sunday July 19

A 3-Hour TeleSatsang Intensive
Sunday July 26

A 3-Hour TeleSatsang Intensive
Sunday August 2

An Intensive for Students who have completed at lest one 6-month program
Thursday evenings in August

Presence, Awakening & The Power of Inquiry
A 5-Week TeleCourse Intensive
(Perfect for newer students)
Sundays August 9 - September 6
Plus a Weekend Intensive Aug. 29 & 30

A TeleSatsang with Neelam is an opportunity to explore a particular topic and get Neelam’s direct guidance on any related questions that arise for you. You’ll gain a deeper peace by engaging in Neelam’s inquiry process and come away with clear discrimination and a better understanding of how to deal with these issues in real life situations.

For more details and to register, visit the events page of our website.
"There is no process to become silent. To disturb your mind you need process, but to stay silent there is no process. Stay in satsang, stay quiet, always have love with your own Self. You are not to win it by any attempt or effort. Simply stay quiet. If any thought rises, simply find out where it came from."  ~Papaji
Neelam is a direct disciple of HWL Poonja, Papaji, whose teacher was Ramana Maharishi. Her unequivocal commitment to Truth helps us turn inward and release underlying patterns of conditioning which block the recognition of our True Nature. With the utmost tenderness while helping us to address all aspects of daily living, including past conditioning and trauma, she invites us into the same recognition of Truth that her teacher, Papaji, transmitted to her.  (Read more about Neelam here.)
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