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“Love, beauty, silence:  that is who we are.”

May 2015
My dear Sangha,

Peace, our true nature, is always here and to know that is the most essential, most important recognition of a lifetime.

We have been sharing this powerful and simple message for many years now and today we ask for your help.

Our non-profit organization is sustained by and nurtured by your donations.  The programs that we offer provide you with the direct experience of Presence and an ongoing support in awakening, throughout the embodiment process and beyond.  Please remember that it is your generosity that makes it possible for us to offer free open Satsang calls, longer programs, program scholarships and ongoing administrative support.  Since my health does not allow me to travel or teach in person, we rely even more on that. 

This summer, despite our financial needs and in alignment with a deeper movement, I decided to take more time off from the teaching.  I find that this time is essential for my ability to make progress in the recovery of my health.

Can you help?

We are deeply grateful to you and always appreciate you for all you have done for us so far. This message of Truth is so much needed in today's world and always .... 

With Love 

P.S.  Please read Mary’s letter (which follows) as she speaks more in detail regarding our needs.

Dear Sangha,
Thanks to you the 2014 Winter Fundraising Campaign was one of our best.  However, we still closed out 2014 about $5000 in the red.  We don’t have much “fat” to cut, so we need to come up with a way to raise more money, without charging more for programs, if at all possible. 

One way to bring in more money is to grow the sangha. Since Neelam can’t travel, the most inexpensive---and hopefully effective---way to do that might be through Facebook and Google ads.  We can start out small with our ads, test them out, and ramp up the ones that actually work.  We’d like to run the ads for an entire year, once we find ones that work well. 
Another way is to tweak our website, called “SEO optimization,” so that Neelam’s name pops up towards the top of the resulting list whenever someone searches for Satsang or non-dual teachers, for example.  SEO optimization will probably run at least several hundred dollars for our site. 

Naturally, we need seed money to make this happen, but a one-time donation for extending Neelam’s reach in these ways could bring in more donors and Satsang program attendees. Your donation would give the gift of Neelam’s teachings to others who long for inner peace.  

Can you help FOTS expand Neelam’s presence in the worldwide spiritual community?  Can you give a donation to this specific project?  Maybe you were just too strapped with end-of-year expenses to contribute to the Winter campaign, but might you be able to help out now?  Can you make a tax-deductible contribution of $1,000?  $100?  $25?  Please help us grow the sangha and keep program tuition at its current level! 
Mary Ruwart
P.S. If you know your way around SEO optimization, FaceBook ads, or Google ad words, please let us know!
Our goal for this year, 2015, is to raise $25,000 through fundraising.
The essential components are …

  • Scholarship fund – to make the teaching even more accessible, we need at least $6,500
  • Advertising Fire of Truth – this $5,000 to $7,000 would be the necessary seed money
    • For FaceBook & Google Ads
    • SEO Optimization
    • Possible compensation for someone who is an expert in marketing spiritual organizations such as ours
  • Administrative Support - $7,200/yr.
  • General Operating Expenses - Office space, phone, internet, supplies, etc.
Fire of Truth is a 501c3 non-profit.
To make a tax-deductible donation online, visit the Donate page on our website (
Or mail us a check:  Fire of Truth, 2434 Sedgewick Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23454.
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