MovieRide FX at Apps-World London 2013

MovieRide FX impresses at Apps-World, London

MovieRide FX was awarded space at Apps-World's 'Start-Up Village' and Simon Brand (MovieRide FX Marketing U.K.) presented the app and it's potential to the industry, press, start-up investors and visitors with much acclaim.  This 'sexy' app, as most called it, was by far the most popular app in the Start-Up Village.
With MovieRide FX currently in the Beta test phase and with an official launch on the horizon, Waterston Entertainment, the apps developers, are building up all the necessary industry contacts and deals to put towards a solid launch and marketing campaign.

  • Amongst those impressed by the app was, Momin Hashmee of Lenovo, the number 1 PC supplier in the world.  Now there's the possibility of MovieRide FX being one of the standard apps, packaged with their new retail tablets on consumer purchase.

  • MovieRide FX was also targeted by a number of inquisitive brands and content developers interested in exploring the apps potential as a social media marketing tool and distribution channel for branded content, especially in the sports and entertainment domains.

  • Funding injection. MovieRide FX recently received a funding grant from the IDC which will also cover research and development on many new and impressive features still to be implemented, allowing Waterston Entertainment to grow the concept and patent substantially.

  • MovieRide FX was initially created on the Android platform by Johann Mynhardt, Ferdie Danzfuss and Grant Waterston, but iOS development is well under way with completion scheduled to coincide with a U.S. launch campaign.

  • Discussions are underway with Triggerfish Animation to create content that will link in with the U.S. launch of their latest animated feature film 'Khumba' and a nation wide licensing deal with Wal-Mart.  The idea is to have 'Khumba' clips distributed on the MovieRide FX app linking users to the films various distribution and marketing campaigns.

  • Tim Argall of Bugbox Animation, will also come on board with content created for the app based on their award winning 'Toby' productions.

  • MovieRide FX recently won a New Media award at the Accolade Competition in Los Angeles, which certainly created some awareness, and the Android 'Beta test' phase currently on Google Play is heading for over
    50 000 downloads... and that without any marketing campaign as yet.  Since the apps exposure at Apps-World London, downloads have increased to over 1000 per day.

"We have a grand vision for the patent, the technology and the app itself.  There's huge potential with regard to brands and marketing, as well as the licensing opportunities of this unique patent concept.  We're excited to see what deals materialize from an expo such as Apps-World in London. We can't wait to complete the Beta phase and launch the final product to really see the apps potential unfold." says Grant Waterston, creator of MovieRide FX.

Click here to view a MovieRide FX promo video on YouTube
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