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ECBN Newsletter October 2017
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All that is not 0 or 1, is not living“ - stated Peter Weibl, Director of the ZKM Karlsruhe at the opening of the Creative Business Festival in Frankfurt: A museum director at a Business Festival ? Right beside a robot writing a manifest !? Will AI even endanger creative jobs ? For more review our WhoisWho Blog

The ECBN Policy Summit - Register til November 3
Cross Over innovation is the topic on the agenda this autumn and we are looking ahead for an exciting European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) on November 27. Among our leading speakers are
Sven Gatz, Flemish Minister of Culture Media and Youth, Jan Bormans, Startups.Be, Bart Ahsmann, CLICKL.NL, Holger Volland, Founder THEARTS+ and Anne Stenros, Chief Design Officer Helsinki. You can expect most different and inligthening perspectives about cross over innovation ! 

Practice before Policy
We are proud to welcome as host of the ECIS Frits Grotenhuis, the author of the lastest handbook on Cross Over Innovation. He describes four cross-overs in the Netherlands in the retail, smart industry, healthcare, and energy sectors. More >>

All the best

ECBN Executive Board
Bernd, Gerin, Mehjabeen, Michal

Venue: Representation of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Brussels
Time: 12.00 until 17.00

Europe @Cross-Roads : A New Agenda for Innovation 

The 7. European Creative Industries Summit invites key stakeholders from business and policy in Europe to debate and support the future of innovation frameworks and to promote subsequently the innovation of frameworks themselves. Creative governance is needed for cross innovation, for nothing less than the future growth and jobs and cohesion in Europe.

Topics focus in especial the „adoption of an overarching and transversal EU strategy for CCI“, a „policy priority within the ESIFs, Horizon 2020, and the MFF as a whole“ for CCI and the the development of the European Innovation Council.

The 7. ECIS is also presenting best practices in cross-innovations and welcomes renown business leaders as well as national agendas for innovation in cultural creative sectors. Read more about the topic here.                           

Europe @Cross-Roads – A New Agenda for Innovation

12.00 Networking Lunch

  • Bernd Fesel, Director ECBN, Senior Advisor ecce
  • Gerin Trautenberger, President Kreativwirtschaft Austria

Host of the day: Frits Grotenhuis
13.00 Introduction
         Caroline Norbury, MBE, Co-Chair ECBN, CEO Creative England 

13.10 Innovative Policies for Innovation in the Cultural Creative Sectors

Key Notes
  • Sven Gatz, Minister of Culture Media and Youth, Brussels
  • Kirsi Kaunisharju, Ministry of Education and Culture Finland  on behalf of OMC Group on
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Prof Dieter Gorny, director, european centre for creative economy

14.10 Innovative Practices in Creative Industries

Statements and Debates
  • Anne Stenros, Chief Design Officer Helsinki - Innovation and Citizen Participation  
  • Jan Bormans, Mentor Startups.B - Innovation and Acceleratoring Entrepreneurship
  • Peter Kentie, Eindhoven365 - Innovation and Tech Starters
  • Holger Volland, Founder THEARTS+ - Innovation and Marketplaces 

15.30  Break 

16.00  National Innovation Agendas for Cultural Creative Industries
Statements and Debates 

  • The Netherlands: Bart Ahsmann, CLICKL.NL
  •  Italy: Ugo Bacchella, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo
  •  United Kingdom: Mehjabeen Patrick, Creative England

Moderator: Gerin Trautenberger, KAT Kreativwirtschaft Austria

17.00 Agenda for Innovation 2020 

  • Jana Kolar, CERIC, High Level Group of Innovators (tbc)

Panel Debate

  • Pieter Aarts, Design Management Network, The Netherlands
  • Bernd Fesel, European Creative Business Network
  • Gerin Trautenberger, KAT Kreativwirtschaft Austria

17.45   Closing Words / Summary

  • Caroline Norbury, MBE, Co-Chair ECBN, CEO Creative England
  • Michal Hladky, Co-Chair ECBN, Director Creative Industry Kosice
Register for ECBN Summit /Register Deadline 3 November

Since 2010 the European Creative Industries Summit is organized by the European Creative Business Network. Each year it welcomes over 100 policy makers and public agencies promoting and funding creative cultural sectors from all policy levels, be it city, regions and nations, as well as cultural and creative entrepreneurs. Mediators, actors, agencies or researchers will discuss the trends, newest research and latest information from the European institutions.
X-Over: Featuring Entrepreneurs and Projects in Cross Over Innovation

The transformative power of Creative Industries 
Today Innovations are not only created trough big companies and closed teams but rather as a incremental development and exchange of ideas, methods and processes between individuals, projects and branches. As we can see X-Overs are a transmission between sectors and companies.The creative Industries having a fundamental part in this transmission due of its unique positioning in the industrial value chain .

Not Invented Here
Is a book by Ramon Vullings and Marc Heleven which describes these cross industrial innovations. The book also includes 15 examples from Business Models, processes, design and many others.

These analogies can be drawn at various levels, from products to services, to processes, to strategies, to business models, to culture and leadership.

Cross-industry innovation is a clever way to jump-start your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry, sector, area or domain. With a collection of interesting examples and a descriptive list of methodologies it is a brilliant companion for creative, business developers and enybody who is looking for inspiration and a toolbox in applying X-Over Innovations.

News-Service Cultural Creative Industries in Europe

Bernd Fesel, Director of ECBN is not only visiting several creative and culture events every month. He is also reporting frequently about what is happening on European and national levels not only to the ECBN Board and its members but also to all who are interested on twitter.

Read updates from national, regional and local agencies funding and promoting CCI in Europe - a daily feed about the leading drivers for 1,3 Mio. cultural and creative companies.


The FiledLab UPPS
Personalized and customized products and services are priceless. A tailor made service for a customer is a key element in a more complex and changing environment. This individualized service knows about your needs and wishes. This X-Over is a marrige of Information technologies (Big Data) and new creative production methodologies. is supporting the dutch FieldLabs where Ultra personalized Products and Services are developed. 

The main goal for UPPS is to make it possible to bind costumers more closely to business through personalized services. This means reduced inventory, smaller stocks and and only production on demand which leads to better liquidity.

Fieldlab's UPPS in Delft has been established to stimulate innovation in the chain around UPPS. The purpose of this is to create an advanced Dutch manufacturing industry where large-scale personalized products are realized in sports, health and fashion.
And custom does not have to be unprofitable; New technologies like 3D scanning and 3D printing make customized work at no additional cost. This new generation of products and services is called UPPS which are processed trough the wealth of new user information which is available and enabling new opportunities.

10 years ago, 2007, Wired Sussex became fully independent. 

Wired Sussex is a Brighton-based membership organisation for companies and freelancers operating in the digital, media and technology sector in Sussex, UK. We work to help our members to create, innovate and grow. 

Wired Sussex helps to benefit from being a part of one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing digital media networks. Wired Sussex consists of approx. 3000 companies and freelancers working in virtual worlds, web design and development, animation, illustration, digital marketing and search, social media, games development, branding, design and copywriting, TV production, mobile development, digital music and e-learning.

Facts & Research: Handbook Cross-Innovation

Researchers and practitioners suffer alike when it comes to cross-overs between creative industries and other sectors in the wider economy: Insights and empirical results are lacking to derive a theory as well as concrete guidelines, a double gap: Why and How ?

In a new – by the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries published –  paper Frits Grotenhuis “describes four cross-overs in the Netherlands in the retail, smart industry, healthcare, and energy sectors. Based on these four cases, a model based on three phases in the development of cross-overs is proposed. Finally, guidelines for organizing cross-overs between creative industries and other sectors are offered.”

Grotenhuis was interim director of the topconsortium for knowledge and innovation TKI CLICKNL and obtained his PhD degree from the University of Groningen in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology, Waseda University in Tokyo, and the Dutch multinational Philips.
Download :

Supporting Innovators in Cultural
and Creative Sectors

ECBN hosted a Best-Practice Panel at The_Arts_Plus Frankfurt
Some 100 participants followed the presentation of Christina Koch, Austria Wirtschaftsservice, about the Interreg Europe Project Regional Creative Industries Alliance (RCIA) – a project which strives to create a modern business ecosystem using the transformative power of creative SMEs as a key competitiveness factor for boosting the overall economy. The actions focus innovation voucher of 5.000 Euro and large scale investments to open and interest big players of old economy in small innovative companies. Bernd Fesel, Director ECBN, moderated a 30 minutes debate about the obstacles and chances of changing making. More information: Link_

Bits & Pieces to read and watch  
ProConnect Converge: Connecting the worlds of Games, Film and Tech
Join us on the 26th October for Converge: Connecting the worlds of Games, Film and Tech

Creative MeetUP

The Creative HUB Movement
“Creative hubs are fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. They are forging a new way of organising creative economy, innovation and development.” 
100+ managers and representatives of European hubs and creative and entrepreneurial communities from more than 20 countries will meet starting Nov 29 to design their future - with high ambitions: “We Are Next!”
Registration open till October 22: Link_

2007 - 2017: Transformation from Manchester Port to MediaCityUK: Lessons Learned ?!

Social Capital Markets: Chances for Cultural and Creative Players? 
The Social Capital Markets Conference in San Francisco in from 10 - 13 October featured the latest trends and attracted over 3000 people: a hotspot to reach out to opportunities!

Coming up in December: European Culture Forum 
The European Culture Forum takes place every two years with prestigious speakers and lively discussions on the hottest topics in the field of culture.  It is a great opportunity for European policy makers and the cultural and creative sectors to meet and exchange about common challenges and developments in the field.

The 2017 edition will mark the official launch of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
Venue: Superstudio in the booming creative neighbourhood of Tortona in Milan
Programme: Link
Registration: Link
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