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12th of September, MEMBER FORUM (Members Only)

The #ECIS21 starts with a ECBN general assembly and members' forum, where the members meet and exchange information about their latest projects and debate about the developments in the European creative economy. All ECBN members are invited to participate in this hybrid format to take part in the debates and exchange ideas of their project proposals. This part will be followed by presenting the ECBN Funding Academy with the Topic "Seven common mistakes while writing applications for EU grand applications" and debating the strategic outlook of ECBN til 2027, especially the contribution of CCI to the European Green Deal, the "Great Green Creative Industries". The Member Forum finally focuses research on the role of CCI in the National Recovery Programs across Europe and advocacy for funding in 2022. Here the ECBN members are called up to play an active role in framing EU funding for the future.

13.00 Reception
13.30 Start & Welcome

13.40 - 15.00 General Assembly of ECBN

ECBN Member Forum
15.30 Meet & Match Partners´ Projects
("Pecha Kucha")/Hybrid: Bernd Fesel/ Gerin Trautenberger -
16.00 ECBN Funding Academy: PITCH PERFECT - Or, how to fail in writing EU funding bids.. Seven common mistakes while writing applications for EU grand applications." : Gisa Gschosswohl/ Gerin Trautenberger

16.30 ECBN Strategy 2021-2027: The Great Green Creative Industries / The European Green Deal

  • Statement on the Impact of the New European Bauhaus (Michela Magas)
  • Debate & Discussions with plenum

17.00 ECBN Research 2021 CCI in COVID-19 National Recovery Programs
17.30 ECBN Advocacy 2022 Proposing Calls for HE 2022: ECBN looks for 10 topics which can be introduced to the next EU funding round by answering the Question: "What are the most promising and forward looking topics in EU Calls?"

18.00 Closing Words

Registration for Member Forum: ECBN members
13th of September, CREATIVE FORUM, Morning and Midday Sessions


The secound day of # ECIS21 will be about the relationship and contribution of the CCIs to the European Green Deal, as well as the skills and competencies required to meet these new challenges. This first part of the ECBN expert forum tries on the one hand to highlight the challenges and on the other hand already shows good examples of how the European creative industries react to the existing challenges and coming crisis. The second part of the Expert Forum concentrates on the new skills and competences needed to face this challenges and presents in an interactive session the latest developments of the DeuS project.

POPUP Examples: NEB, Graz

CCIs Green Deal

This part of the ECIS21 will open a broad discussion on the role and tasks of the European creative industries to contribute and support the European Green Deal. There is no doubt that the European economy needs to be rebuilt to meet the challenges and the changes necessary to create a better, more resilient and more sustainable environment.We believe that the CCIs play a decisive role in these transformational processes, on the one hand as pioneers in technological developments and on the other hand because they creative entrepreneurs are constantly working on innovative solutions. For this reason, the ECBN believes that the European Union must encourage these efforts by directing its activities towards projects of the creative talents and potentials of Europe.

9.00 Reception
9.30 - 11.00
Introduction & Host: Eberhard Schrempf
09.45 - 10.15 Green CCI: Good Cases and Presentation by Alison Tickell
10.15 - 10.35 Innovating Green Public Services through Creative Bureaucracy by Charles Landry
10.35 - 10.55 Conversations
New European Bauhaus Examples: Porto, RI.SE, Amsterdam

11.15 Coffee break

European Creative Competences - DeuS Project

DeuS is an Erasmus+ pilot project on Vocational Educational Training focused on how to unlock the potential of the Creative and Cultural Sector and inspire new policies on training and entrepreneurship. The team has co-created the DeusComp training program and challenged based methodology  in critical thinking and entrepreneurship that specifically responds to the needs of Cultural and Creative Professionals across Europe. DeuSComp is also designed to support DeuS Living Labs in the identification of creative and original solutions to local multi-sectorial economic and societal challenges. The open process highlights how an injection of creative thinking and creative skills can drive real solutions to real challenges.

11.30 - 12.15 DeuS Living Lab Presentation / Rita Orlando and Becky Riches
12.15 - 13.00 DeuS LL Workshop
13.00 Lunch break

13th of September, High-level Policy Forum, Afternoon Session

14.00 Video Creativity4Decent

Opening ECBN, Creative Forum SI, MAO
Cultural and Creative Sectors as Generators of Economic Growth

Moderator: Dražen Dragojevič
Minister of Economy and Development of Slovenia Zdravko Počivalšek
Secretary General UNCTAD
EU Commissioner for Economy, Thierry Breton 
Michaela Magas, designer, innovator
Jan Figel, EIT Governing Board Member
Dr. Christian Ehler, MEP

16.00 End

14th of September, CREATIVE FORUM

9.30 Video Creativity4Peace

9.30 High-level Policy Forum: Cultural and Creative Sectors as Drivers of Peace and Stability

Moderator: Bernd Fesel
State Secretary MFA of Slovenia Gašper Dovžan
Secretary General of the Union for Mediterranean Naser Kamel HR Borrell
Commissioner for culture EEAS SG Stefano Sannino
Minister(s) from the region

13.00 End of online conference

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