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ecbn Newsletter September 2017

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Innovation is the Trend-Topic in this policy and conference autumn 2017: new alliances, festivals, policies and numerous events on latest trends as Block Chain are taking place.

We are all aware of policy and markets hypes - of its advantages and disadvantages. Let us make the best out of this (re-)new attention for innovation and the role of creative industries - the best in the interest of creative industries would be changes in national definitions and funding of innovation - to integrate on eye-level non-tech innovation besides the tradition of tech innovation. No doubt: tech innovation is crucial and indespendable - but so is today non-tech innovation.

In this September edition of our ECBN newsletter we are presenting two industry cross overs as good cases for this years ecbn summit focal point (-> Cross Overs). The ECBN Board wants also to foster the cooperations among Members, so today we want to present one of the founding members the Creative Industries Styria (-> CIS). And please SAVE THE DATE for the 7th ECBN Summit, 27th of November, Brussels (Summit).

The ECBN Executive Board
Bernd, Gerin, Michal, Mehjabeen 

Cross-Innovation: How to make it a real advantage for the Cultural and Creative Industries ?!
Statement Bernd Fesel

Venue: Representation of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Brussels
Time: 12.00 until 17.00

Europe @Cross-Roads : A New Agenda for Innovation 

This years ECBN Summit on the 27th of November will focus on Cross-Industry Innovations and how traditional enterprises can benefit from collaborating with creative enterprises.

New products, new services and even new markets: while innovations have become increasingly part of our daily routines, European and national policy makers focus also anew on innovation as a key driver for „Europe’s competitiveness on a global scale.“ (EP-Report, 2016/2072(INI)) This kind of innovation is no longer purely technical, it is about social, business, open data, civil-society, human-centredness, resiliency, governance and civic participation: in the digital global and connected world innovation has changed over the last 10 years from a sectorial to the cross-sectorial driver of growth and jobs. Today innovations are cross-industry innovations and the creative industries have a vital part in this transformative processes.

In this years Summit ECBN will focus on questions like:

  • What does this mean for businesses, policy makers, legal and funding frameworks? 
  • What are the implications for innovation itself? 
  • What enables such innovators? 
  • What are innovation-friendly environments today and in the future - business-parks or tax exemption will not do alone?! 
  • What are key drivers for innovation and a sustainable growth of jobs and wealth, but also for Europe as a whole?
Register for ECBN Summit

Since 2010 the European Creative Industries Summit is organized by the European Creative Business Network. Each year it welcomes over 100 policy makers and public agencies promoting and funding creative cultural sectors from all policy levels, be it city, regions and nations, as well as cultural and creative entrepreneurs. Mediators, actors, agencies or researchers will discuss the trends, newest research and latest information from the European institutions.

The Creative Industries Styria (CIS) is one of the founding members of ECBN.

The CIS is a networking agency dedicated to the development and strengthening of the creative industries in Styria the most southern part of Austria. It aims at coordinating the wide range of creative activities and strives at developing and positioning the respective activities within the overall Styrian economy.

The Creative Industries Styria assumes the role of a mediator and contact for creative enterprises as well as companies interested in cooperation and partnership. The CIS was founded by the Styrian economic promotion agency, the City of Graz, and Chamber of Commerce.

As the organizer of the Designmonat Graz, Creative Industries Styria is interacting with its partners of the network of UNESCO cities of Design and makes the Styria location and its creative minds visible, to both inside and outside of Styria.

design month Graz and Design forum

Reinventing Bank Offices, Reviving Inner Cities, Returning Social Live: unstudio will design the new landmark on the Frankfurt.

United Network Studios, unstudio, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, Amsterdam, won an international competition for the new mixed-use development in Frankfurt „which will consist of four high-rise towers ascending from a multi-story plinth in the heart of the city“, report Architecture Daily,

Heart of the re-development is the site of the former offices of the Deutsche Bank - and unstudio´s Frankfurt landmark could be role model for the fallen banking or offices districts worldwide. If these have not been hit by the last banking crisis, the AI revolution of banking will for sure force bank offices to re-organize and shrink. But wow to shrink companies while improving life quality in inner cities ? 
Watching Frankfurt and its inner city redesign by unstudio is an opportunity to learn for future challenges - to learn for designers, architects, urban planners, culture managers and politicians.

„To effectively future-proof the future, we need to think beyond architecture. Resilience on its own is no longer enough; to create truly sustainable designs we need a better understanding of how people will live, move, learn and work in the future.“


ECBN is proud to notice that unstudio participated in the European Creative Industries Summit 2016 and explained its business concept and the future of architecture.

THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit for the Creative Sectors. 11th of Oct. 

Frankfurts Art+ and ecce is partnering together with ECBN, on the 11th of October at the Frankfurt Bookfair to hold the Arts+ Runway and Salon and will explore the best ways to provide support for tech-based innovation in the creative sectors.

This Innovation Summit, a small but influential gathering, will establish a core working group: a European network composed of diverse individuals and institutions, ranging from policymakers and researchers to industry players and intermediaries such as cluster organisations and trade associations. The main focus of this events will highlight creative industry based innovation and topics such as: 3D printing, AI and virtual reality, Big Data, new business models….

THE ARTS+ is the business festival for creatives, investors, publishers, museums, tech companies, politicians and scientists who create pioneering partnerships for the smart use of creative content. 
THE ARTS+ Summit

A good case study for cross over innovations is the Austrian project
"Die Køje" from Christian Leidinger.

The effects of cross industry innovation is best shown by projects on large and small scale. The [Project Koje] by the carpentry business of Christian Leidinger grow over the years form a small workshop to a medium sized enterprise. With 500 competing carpenters in near proximity of his hometown in

Vorarlberg, he had hard times in seeing a future for his business.

Partnering together with the communication expert Nicole Herb both developed a new brand identity and Nicole helped Christina focusing his carpentry in producing stone pinewood beads only. With a new Brand identity and the opening of two Pop-Up stores the production jumped form making 5 Beds to 50 Beds a month.

Supported by awarding several communication awards and a special creative industries funding by the austrian business development agency the project Koje shows the effects of cross sectoral innovations and has a bright future in prospects.

In 2015 the project " Die Køje" was awarded for the best Industry Cross Over Project by the Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT). This cross over effect is called the Kreativwirtschaftseffekt and shows that 1+1>2 is more than two individuals working on one project.

A video with english subtitles on youtube

Link to the homepage of "Die Køje".

19-20 October 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine aims "to promote and enforce the perception of “culture” and “creativity” as drivers for growth and sustainable development as well as interconnection of economic, social, environmental and cultural dimensions of societal well-being with inclusive public policy-making support...  More specifically it lays the ground for establishing and developing «Business+Government+Community» strategic alliances supporting and promoting CCIs development locally, nationally and internationally. ECBN is collaborating with the Forum Creative Ukraine and ECBN Chair Michal Hladky will be presenting internationalization strategies. (-> Link)

ECBN September Tip: Digital Catapult Centre Brighton
The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton focuses specifically on projects that encourage innovation and value from real-time and location-based data – known as the Internet of Place. An additional £4m of inward investment has been created as a result of this new project. Over the next three years, led by Coast to Capital LEP in collaboration with the core delivery partners – the University of Brighton and Wired Sussex, the centre is tasked with delivering on a range of innovative projects, designed to be accessible to startups and SMEs to use and learn from. The Centre works across the whole Coast to Capital region which includes West Sussex, Lewes and Brighton & Hove.

Bits&Pieces to read and watch  

Funding Filmmakers at its best / Creative England, UK
shortFLIX, a short film initiative led by Creative England in partnership with National Youth Theatre and Sky Arts, was launched earlier this year. Aimed at aspiring filmmakers aged 18-25 and not currently in full-time education, employment or training, it sought out new and exciting filmmaking voices from across the UK (-> Link)

No Digital Business without Digital Creations 
Electronic Arts Festival starting at Bozar, Belgium    
Over several days this festival presents the broadest possible view of the electronic arts, at the cutting edge of art and technology. (-> Link)

The Creative Hubs Barometer
This pilot annual study will establish a baseline to compare and understand the creative hubs community in Europe over the next few years.
The first annual edition of the Barometer – an extensive report with key findings – will be prepared and presented at the European Creative Hubs Campus in Brussels on 24-26 January 2018. In addition, three policy papers with recommendations will also draw from the Barometer findings and will be shared at the event. (-> Link)

RCIA: Policy Learning to support SMEs in Creative Industries
Under the lead of Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) an EU-funded project launches a learning process from nine regions in Europe to focus support schemes for creative SMEs to improve growth. In this context the creative industries are set to be the missing link between many sectors and branches to increase their competitiveness and on the long run growth. (-> Link)

Lego Machine at Brigthon Digital Festival / Wirred Sussex
Digital is tech! No - digital is skills ! digital is cooperation ! Digital is all ? Get some help to puzzle the pieces and get it right. Open Studios: Talent Week will build a marvellous Lego machine, then test your creations against each other in an exciting race (-> Link
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