August 2016 Newsletter 
Dear yogi,

I am grateful to share that I have been selected as a visionary creator and producer of the Pathways Institute's Personal Mastery Intensive (PMI), a 3.5 day workshop taking place October 6-9 in Taunton, MA. PMI is an opportunity to have the extraordinary experience of breaking through limiting life patterns, unleashing the potential of the heart and the awakening of consciousness and a rich authentic experience of being fully alive.

Attendees will learn to:
  • Align heart, mind, and soul for creating a new life vision
  • Unlock mindsets and behaviors interfering with your ability to achieve your dreams
  • Become skilled at living creatively and intentionally instead of re-actively
  • Become the architect of your own authentic life
Click here for more information and to enroll. Contact me with any questions. 

In addition, I have several teaching opportunities in August! Check out "Teaching Schedule" below. 

Scroll down to read the fourth segment of "Touching Your Toes Has Nothing To Do With It" for some yogic philosophy.

With love,

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~ August Teaching Schedule ~
Healing Tree Yoga - All levels/All trimesters prenatal: Sundays, August 7 and 14 at 4:30pm.

Healing Tree Yoga - Beginner vinyasa: Sundays, August 7 and 14 at 6:00pm.

Healing Tree Yoga - Restorative: Sundays, August 7 and 14 at 7:30pm.  

Check my new website for updates to my class schedule.  
Touching Your Toes Has Nothing To Do With It
In the West, we consider “yoga” to be a physical practice where we move our body, stretch, strengthen, and balance. However, this is only a fraction of the full practice of yoga. One eighth, actually. The Yoga Sutras, written by a man named Patanjali over 2,000 years ago, is considered to be one of yoga’s most sacred texts. Patanjali lays out an eightfold path to attaining a higher state of consciousness, one in which the practitioner learns to still the craziness of the mind. This path is yoga.
The Fourth Limb of Yoga: "Pranayama"
Pranayama is the expansion of life force through through breathing exercises. Did you notice the last time you got frustrated, angry, scared or anxiety ridden what happened to your breath? It probably became restricted, choppy and erratic. "Breath control leads to mind control" and if we want to really be healthy then our mind must be in state of peace. 
Pranayama Practice Tip
In a comfortable seated or lying position:
Inhale 4 counts
Hold 2 counts
Exhale 6 counts
Hold 2 counts
Repeat for 4-8 rounds
The Yoga Reaches Out Wellness Room opened at Boston Children's Hospital! 
Thank you to all those who generously donated to support this initiative.
Private Sessions with Joanna
Personalized instruction is a valuable tool for students of all levels. Yoga practice provide the perfect opportunity to address goals and work on areas of interest. Sessions can take place in your home or at a studio. I am available for private sessions in the styles of therapeutic yoga for emotional well-being, vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, and prenatal yoga.  
Are you a student of mine?  I would love to hear from you!
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