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Let The Journey Begin

Today, Start Creating Your Goals and Vision Board!

Chapter 1: My New Me in Pictures


We are so excited you joined the program like thousands of women before you. We have a 95% success rate! We know that this journey will help you transform and become the woman you want to be.

This is why it is crucial in this first week to stay focused and discover who you are. We will only hit you, so to speak, with the hard stuff next week when we will talk about sugar!

This week you need to start building your goals and vision board. Why?

  • Science proves that having a vision of yourself helps you change faster and better align your new behaviors with who you want to become
  • Having goals - three to five - will help you stay focused and accountable to YOURSELF
  • Find ways, as we explain in Chapter 1, to make these goals and vision board visible every day and in multiple ways - we will explain how.
  • You will receive daily emails from us to keep you engage, motivated and most importantly happy!
If you chose us today it is because you want to go slow and steady which is the only way to lose weight and keep it off for good. This week, if not done yet, do not forget to buy your diary, the equipment to build your vision board and every morning and every night before getting up or going to sleep, repeat this to yourself, create your mantra. Mine was "I CAN DO IT"

My Mantra is: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


This week listen to Chapter 1 " My New Me in Pictures" and read the chapter in the book "Weight Loss Starts in My Brain".

I am encouraging you (I know I am repeating myself) to go to your private website page where all the resources are at your fingertips.

So to listen to my first chapter and get the instructions and inspiration for Week 1 click on the image below:


Also apply to my private Facebook page for clients only "The CogniDiet Support Group". I regularly host Live Sessions and share success stories. But it is also your way of sharing your ides, tips, success stories, frustrations and ask questions! Click on this link.

Think green, think vegetables and fruits, you will hear a lot about that.

With Love,  Veronique

Enjoy A Great Smoothie Packed with
Green Vegetables this Week!
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