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Have You Started Building Your Goals?

A Few Tips!


Chapter 1: My New Me in Pictures - My Goals


You are the boss of yourself! I cannot force you to build a vision board, but I can push you! This is why you are getting these daily emails.

How are you doing with your vision board by the way? Have you been inspired? Did you find enough magazines with pictures that spoke to you? Did you go back into your old photos stash? 

How did you feel while creating your master piece? Energized, inspired, hopeful, feeling something was already changing?

I remember when I built my last board, which was about my business vision. I had put "Write a Book". And guess what? I wrote two books in less than two years. The vision board was on the wall in front of my desk at my nutrition practice, even visible to my clients. It was often a conversation topic.

Making your board visible is crucial. You can put your vision board on:

- Any wall, visible to all, or semi-hidden in your dressing room.
- You can take a picture of it and frame a smaller version for your desk or use it as a screen saver on your cell phone.  
- You can also create a one line secret message to yourself and frame it, if you don't want people to see it all
- At one point, having a great mirror in my bathroom, I glued my fitness board there!
- Some clients put it on their fridge, a kind reminder to not eat mindlessly...

Your Vision Is Important Because It Sets up Your Goals.
You Have Now to Put in Place the Actions to Get to That Vision.
  • Your goals are of course related to weight loss, but could entail a change in your BMI (Body Mass Index) or Body Fat Ratio as well (I suggest you buy a scale that will give you this information, you can get one for less than $50)
  • Are you planning to enroll in a gym and go exercise twice a week?
  • What about losing a size or two in your clothes, rather than focus on weight?
  • Have you thought about an adventure you want to undertake, one that requires fitness?
  • Health related goals are very important too: lowering your cholesterol level, blood pressure, liver enzymes, or just stopping to take a medication for esophageal reflux.
  • Did you also think about your benefits? What are the benefits of losing 20 pounds? Think about how you will feel, move, live, breathe etc. What will be changed in your life besides having lost these pounds?

I am asking you to make your goals realistic, achievable and time-bound.

Keep that in mind.

You MUST keep track of your goals to be successful.  BTW there is a Cheat Sheet in the CogniDiet website to help you keep track of your weight loss (manual or via Xcel Sheet)

(in Your Diary a/o Cheat Sheets)!


If not done yet, this week listen to Chapter 1 " My New Me in Pictures" and read the chapter in the book "Weight Loss Starts in My Brain".
Repetition is key to rewire your brain (writing, reading, listening, doing etc.)

LAST CALL: Also apply to my private Facebook page for clients "The CogniDiet Support Group". Click on this link. 

With Love,  Veronique
Question of the Day!
How Many Cups of Vegetables Did You Eat Today?
 Ideally 5 to 7 Cups a Day (I Do), Min. 3 to 4!
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