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Let's Move!
It Feels So Good...

We Are Now Building Your Activity or Exercise Goals 

Chapter 1: My New Me in Pictures - Exercise Goals


How are you doing? You feel bombarded? Well, this is the beginning so I want to make sure you have your goals clear and focused. We covered Nutrition already and today I want to talk about Activity Level.

How Would You Describe Your Current Activity Regimen?
- Not active at all - less than 3,000 steps a day
- Somewhat active - 4 to 6,000 steps a day
- Active - over 6,000 steps a day
- Exercising 2 to 3 times a week - at least 7,000 to over 10,000 steps a day
- Exercising 4 or more times a week - who cares about the steps!

I am just asking you to do a little bit more every day. It will boost your weight loss results.

You will learn on this program that:

1. We lose almost 10% of our muscle mass every 10 years
2. Muscles burn 3 to 4 times more calories than fat
3. A percent of body fat (PBF) over 40% at fifty is pretty high. More to come in a few sessions.

  • Science proves that exercising has multiple health benefits, physically and mentally. Even just walking every day delivers benefits, People who move live longer and lead more productive lives
  • The less you exercise, the less muscle mass you have, the more challenging it is to lose weight because your metabolism is slower (because muscles burn more calories than fat)
  • When you lose weight you also lose muscle mass (up to 25% of your weight loss), hence after the diet, you will have lost some of your top calorie burning allies, your muscles
  • Keeping your muscle mass healthy is important as you age to keep your independence, to stand straight, to enjoy your family
  • Also, muscle cells are better at managing sugar, or the glucose in your blood, hence keeping onset of insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetes at bay
  • Exercise or movement promotes blood circulation, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine release in your brain (you will be happier), blood capillaries growth and more benefits.

I am not asking you to jump on a treadmill, become member of a gym or embark on a high intensity fitness class. I am just asking you to "Amp Up" your current activity level.

- You run twice a week; why don't you run three times a week or start to improve your performance?
- You walk one hour a day (congrats); again, can you walk 15 minutes more or increase your speed?
- You do cardio three times a week, but no strength training; cardio burns fat, but why don't you add strength training to build muscle mass?
- You do NOTHING; please start walking every day, a little bit more, even 20 minutes a day to start! 

Explore sports you liked or practiced as a child or adolescent. You used to like tennis, why not start again?

Why not considering unconventional sports or hobbies such as kayaking, nature flora and fauna exploring (with a walking group), dancing classes (hello belly dance, Zumba, or ballroom dancing), volunteering for an organization that requires physical activity such as Habitat for Humanity, aquarobics at your pool (good if your joints hurt)... So many possibilities if you allow yourself to be open and creative.


Write Your New Activity/Exercise Goals, Now!
I, .....................(your name), will start ...........................(activity-ies) today.

List them if there are more than one and write the benefits you will enjoy by doing this (mood, energy, stress level...). But remember, I'd rather you stick to one resolution that choosing too many on paper and just leave them there, on paper! 


It has to be now, not next week, not in two weeks. Get It Up a Notch!

It has to be an action taken this week. Find a friend to support you, do it with your family, buy at home exercise tapes, but find a way to make it happen! And I am not talking about PLANNING. I am talking about ACTION. And if not done yet buy a fitness tracker and become aware of your activity level.


This is the fierce, healthy, new you; taking good care of yourself,

With Love,  Veronique
Write What You Like About Yourself Today!

It will get your mind into a positive mode. Little positive pathways will be triggered in your brain.

By being positive, you increase your chances of success because you focus on your assets and you build up from there.

The picture below is me at 40 and at 55. Thirty pounds lighter. Look at the de-puffing of the face. I also changed my body fat percent from 45% to 28%. If I could do it, you can too. I love my eyes, my resilience, my humor, my strength, my muscles, my hands, my nose, my hair, my generosity.

What do you like about yourself (cover physical assets, intellectual, spiritual and personality traits, skills and talents). Use Cheat Sheets a/o your diary.


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