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And Now What About a Few Nutrition Decisions!

Think "nutritive foods", think about giving love to your body and mind!

Chapter 1: My New Me in Pictures - My Nutrition


Oh yes, my friend, you did not think I was going to let you off the hook when it came to nutrition goals? You want to lose weight and transform your body into a sacred and beloved vessel of power, energy, beauty and longevity.

I asked you to build a vision board and create general goals (that you are invited to revisit if need be) in the past days, but did you think I was going to let you not change, even one little thing, this week when it came to nutrition?

What is your weakness (could be plural)? When do you cave into cravings? Do you know what you put on your plate? Are you a snacker? Do you love your fried chicken and sugary soda at lunch? Are you a carbohydrate addict?

My weakness(es) is (are):
This week, I am not asking you to totally eliminate the "weaknesses" (but you can if you want), but at least reduce some of the foods/drinks that are dangerously addictive. They can be delicious, yet frankly lethal for your health and weight.

I used to love donuts, bear claws, fries, ketchup, ice cream....until I realized it had made me gain almost 30 pounds in less than 3 or 4 years. And it destroyed my health in my forties.

I had to eliminate them totally, because they triggered a vicious circle of cravings. On a scale of 0 to 10 (the most), and honestly, how addicted are you? If you are very addicted, it is best to stop cold turkey.

TYPE 1: I am totally addicted (a 7 to 10) ------> TOTALLY ELIMINATE NOW
TYPE 2: I am somewhat addicted (a 6 to 4) ------>  ELIMINATE AT LEAST 50%
TYPE 3: I am not addicted really (a 0 to 3) ------> CUT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT

So, what can you eliminate this week? For this you need to go back to your food diary for the past three days.

I am asking you to:

1. Analyze what you ate and drank the past two or three days

Fast food is anything that is usually associated with hamburgers, fries, cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, fried foods, packaged/processed foods (high in chemicals, bad fats and sugar). And count points as seen in the table below.

This exercise is meant to help you realize how much of your food, including snacks, is made of processed and/or fried foods, sugary treats and chemical sodas (even diet soda will make you gain weight).

2. Enter the data into this grid and start calculating


3. Now, commit to cut, cut, cut and replace with healthier versions

From soda/fruit juices/alcohol to ---------> pure water (you can add some fresh fruits slices in it to give it a flavor), teas or even coffee in moderation. Drink 64 oz. water/herbal tea a day!

From a hamburger with fries or fried fish with potatoes or rice to ---------------> a protein source (meat, fish, poultry or soy/beans/rice for vegetarians) preferably broiled or grilled, not fried, with asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, fennel, salad - anything that resembles a fresh vegetable!

From a salty pretzel, ice cream, or cupcake to ----------> an apple or any fruit with a few nuts, or a plain yogurt.

Cut treats and sugary choices immediately by at least 80%, start to eliminate processed or fried foods as close as you can to 100%. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables by at least 30% and preferably more.

This Is How Your Plate Should Look Like (Lunch and Dinner)
If you have to only remember one thing about this program, remember this plate. Starches are: rice, potatoes, legumes (if you are not a vegetarian), bread, pasta.

Make a goal and decisions about what you will eat and what you will eliminate. Write a list!


Do not sweat it, we will get into more details later in the program. I have not asked you to cut your portions yet. However I recommend at this stage to get a food counter/apps. I recommend these two free apps:

Lose It 

With Love,  Veronique
You will realize that they will fill you up and that you will eat less of the more calorie-dense foods 
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