Release information about the new asexuality book from Julie Sondra Decker!
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Asexuality book now has a release date, a new title, and a preorder link on Amazon!

The Title

When I first sold my book to Skyhorse Publishing, the working title was SO YOU THINK YOU'RE ASEXUAL: An Introduction to the Invisible Orientation. But after the first pre-sales meeting with my distributor, Perseus Book Group, I was informed that the decision had been made to change my book title. Its official title is now . . .

THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION: An Introduction to Asexuality.

I like this title much better, because it's not alienating to non-asexual audiences. Hooray for good marketing decisions!

Release Details

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The book is now available for preorder on Its release date is set for September 16, 2014.
As of this writing, the entry on Amazon still has a couple glitches, including my old title showing up in the description and a few inaccuracies in the entry. Hopefully they'll be fixed soon.

You can also add it to your to-be-read list on Goodreads or Shelfari!

Any Bright Ideas?

I'm very fortunate to have lots of people already pulling for the success of this book. Dozens of folks have volunteered their blog space, social media, and review offers to help me get the word out when the book is published. But I'm still open to ideas and opportunities! Please contact me if you are aware of or can offer one of the following:
  • TV programs, magazines/professional journals, radio shows, or websites that include content on sexual diversity, queer issues, sex ed, psychology, or atypical relationships. My publisher can contact them and see if I can get featured.
  • Book-related publications, websites, or influential individuals that might want to review the book in exchange for an advance reader copy.
  • Organizations, events, or resource collectives that might want to be offered information about the book. Includes GSAs and queer groups at colleges, asexual-specific groups, Pride events that are ace inclusive (or want to be), or sex educators/diversity educators who might want it in their GSRM/queer libraries or for workshop references.
  • People with widely read or widely attended asexuality-themed or sexual diversity-themed blogs, websites, or organizations who would like to post an interview with me or a review of the book when publication time gets closer.
  • Oddball suggestions for something that might lead to interest in the book (or just in asexuality, leading to people looking for books on it). Includes YouTube interviews, contests to win copies, ads in the schedule books of queer and sex-ed conferences, and providing books to certain events if people think they might sell.
I will be sure and let everyone know when there is information about how to get your library to order the book.

Other News

  • I will be speaking at the IvyQ conference at Princeton in February. My topic is on asexuality and inclusivity in the queer community.
  • I'm an aunt! My nephew, Ash, was born on December 20, 2013. I took a trip to San Francisco to meet him and my photos are here.
  • I've just returned from a road trip celebrating my 36th birthday and my twenty-year friendship with my best pal Meghan. We saw snow up in the DC area. Photo album is online here!
  • I participated as a mentor in Brenda Drake's Pitch Wars Contest. The contest was for authors with a completed manuscript who were looking for an agent. I chose author C.B. Whitney as my mentee, with alternates Ryan Glover and Jessica Harvey. This contest has turned out SPECTACULARLY for C.B. and me. The full story of how I came to choose my mentee out of over 80 submissions is here on my blog. More news to come because he is going places.
  • I discuss the process of going from offer to book deal in this video.
  • A story about me and asexuality should be appearing in the UK magazine Best in February.
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