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Summary: Julie will be at WorldPride raffling off ARCs of the asexuality book; a new short story is published; looking for your suggestions!

Appearance: WorldPride, Toronto

Great news, asexuality awareness supporters: WorldPride 2014 is including an International Asexuality Conference, which is taking place on June 28. This event is FREE and open to anyone who registers (register here!). It will involve media coverage, several asexuality-related presentations by community leaders, panels, workshops, and opportunities to network and meet asexual people. Also, if you're interested in contributing to making the conference accessible for Deaf attendees, there is a fundraiser for paying for the ASL interpreters. The main events will be recorded, so non-attendees should be able to catch up on all the fun.

Julie's publisher has released a very limited number of advance reading copies of THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION. Conference attendees who stop by the table can enter to win one of the ARCs for free! Julie is also planning to give away Asexual Bingo cards (with release information about the book), and may release a couple of conference-related videos.

Release Details

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The book is now available for pre-order on Its release date is still September 2, 2014.
Other places it's being sold include Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Book Depository UK, IndieBound, and Powell's. The release will be hardcover and eBook.

You can also add it to your lists on Goodreads, BookVibe, or Shelfari, or like Julie's author page at Amazon's Author Central.
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The book is in its final edits and everything is going very well. An early reader's partial blurb:

"This book is a comprehensive learning tool for those who are asexual, as well as those who are asexual curious. Advocating respect, this rare and precious resource will open your eyes and set the record straight in a clear and straightforward manner. Prepare to have your mind blown!"
—Kendra Holliday, creator of The Beautiful Kind blog

Suggestions from readers?

Julie/swankivy and her publisher are looking for any suggestions for awards, contests, and recognitions this book might win. If you know of an award it may be eligible for--from tiny book blog recognitions to international wards--please suggest it to us by replying to this e-mail! It's okay if it has an entry fee. Possibilities for appropriate awards include new nonfiction books for 2014, self-help or lifestyle books, Florida authors, new nonfiction by small publishers, and especially LGBTQ+-specific awards. Thanks!

Short stories, short pieces sold

Words from Julie:
Fiction has always been my passion, and though my nonfiction has been getting more attention, I haven't given up on getting fiction published. I finally managed to sell my short story "Your Terms," a Pandora's box–inspired tale of agoraphobia, to Timeless Tales.
Read "Your Terms" Now!
My story is the last in the pack, and please make sure to check out the page after it to see my author bio and philosophy on the story's creation--I discuss invisible illnesses and the damage it can cause to frame disability as "inspirational" to others.

Only five days after "Your Terms" sold, a second short story was accepted to a different magazine I'd submitted to months before. My short story "Her Mother's Daughter," a queer coming-of-age story, will appear in Kaleidotrope in 2015.

A short nonfiction piece about asexual femininity, tentatively titled "'Have Fun Dying Alone in a Houseful of Cats!': The world reacts to an asexual woman," will be published soon in the wonderful daily blog site The Toast.

And I'm pleased to announce that THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION will be featured in TIME Magazine, with a 600-word excerpt being published. I'm amazed! Hopefully, more major placements will follow.

University of Virginia Video

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Back in April, Julie appeared at the University of Virginia to lecture on asexual relationships. The presentation was a success and was quite well attended, and the various queer organizations that worked together for this event were fabulously helpful. The video is now available, with subtitles:
View the video

Personal News From Julie

  • My baby sister Lindsay was married on May 30 of this year. I was a bridesmaid in her Star Wars wedding.

  • I got to visit with my five-month-old nephew Ash while his parents--my sister and brother-in-law--were in town for the wedding. He is amazingly sweet and hates his carseat. I got my first extremely drooly kisses from him. Best thing ever!
  • My next book, the second in the Bad Fairy series, has been started and currently has about 40,000 words to it. My next project will be a YA contemporary with an asexual main character.
  • My webcomic Negative One celebrated nine years as a weekly updating webcomic on May 20, 2014. My younger and funnier webcomic for authors, So You Write, has its own Facebook page now.
  • I have committed to acting as a mentor in the Pitch Wars contest again this year. Last year, the writer I picked got an offer of representation from an agent two days after the contest. Mentor bios and details will go out in August!
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