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Summary: A new paperback edition of The Invisible Orientation comes out in 2015; the book has been featured in mainstream publications like Salon and the New York Times; read more for upcoming appearances and news!

The Invisible Orientation has a paperback deal!

Thanks to people like you and all the libraries that have purchased copies of the book, it is my pleasure to announce that The Invisible Orientation will have a new paperback edition in fall of 2015, releasing on the main Skyhorse Publishing label! This is significant because its paperback format WILL be marketed to retail stores, making it an even more mainstream title with easier access and a lower price. THANK YOU to everyone who has bought the book and requested it at libraries!

For now, you can purchase the book in the following formats:
  • Hardcover: A 240-page hard-bound book with dust jacket.
  • eBook: Kindle is available.
  • Audio: version features narrator Reay Kaplan.
Retailers selling the book include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository USA, Book Depository UK, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Powell's.

You can also add it to your lists on Goodreads, BookVibe, or Shelfari, or like the author page at Amazon's Author Central.
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Check out what people are saying in their reviews! Please review the book on your blog or Amazon/Goodreads if you enjoyed it.

Ace Sightings: Media Appearances

It's been a whirlwind month since the book was published on September 2. I've received dozens of communications requesting my participation in articles, interviews, reviews, and media pieces. The book has really made a splash! You may have already seen these if you follow my author accounts on my blogs, websites, and social media, but check these out if you missed them: Upcoming appearances and interviews include podcasts Speaking of Sex, Sexperts, and another BBC program. Chris from Pleasure Mechanics is planning to write a piece about me for YourTango; Marie Claire in the UK will be featuring an article about asexuality that includes my input; and my book may be reviewed in an academic Dutch journal. And with Asexual Awareness Week coming up in late October, who knows what will happen next. . . .

Celebration Time!

My nearest and dearest threw me a little party to celebrate the release, and it was a nice low-key way to welcome my book into the world. We had snacks and chats and, of course, cake.

If you would like to get involved with promoting, supporting, or ordering the book to your library or institution, feel free to download a flier with all the book's info on it and give it to the decision-makers wherever you think it might help. There are also options to get an autograph for your copy if you're into that.

Personal News From Julie

  • My nephew Ash, at nine months, is pulling up on furniture and babbling his cute baby heart out. He's adorable.
  • I have several new short stories on submission and am gearing up to dive back into writing some more long and short fiction. I may also be showing a new novel to my agent to see if we can go on submission with it.
  • My team for the Pitch Wars contest is hard at work on their manuscripts. I picked Megan Paasch for her New Adult fantasy and Natalka Burian for her weird Adult Literary. If you are curious about the contest process, check out my blog posts on my inbox analysis, the winners' announcement and aftermath, and some thoughts on my feedback.
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