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Summary: The asexuality book is now available in hardcover, eBook, and audio; learn how to get an autographed copy; enter a giveaway for a free book; download a flier; read more interviews and publications!

Get Your Copy of The Invisible Orientation!

The book's official release date is September 2, 2014; however, some customers are receiving ship notices already! And we have exciting news: the book will be released in three formats.
  • Hardcover: A 240-page hard-bound book with a swanky dust jacket.
  • eBook: Kindle is available.
  • Audio: bought the audio rights. The narrator is Reay Kaplan.
Retailers selling the book include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository USA, Book Depository UK, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Powell's.

You can also add it to your lists on Goodreads, BookVibe, or Shelfari, or like Julie's author page at Amazon's Author Central.
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The book is getting some fantastic reviews and media attention! Check out some of these great mentions:

Want to help out?

If you're interested in spreading the word about this book but buying it isn't an option, recommending it to libraries and universities is just as good! If there is any venue or organization that you think needs or wants information on this book, you can either send them to the book's Purchase Page or download and print a flier that has all the information needed to order books!
Word .DOCX Flier
Adobe .PDF Flier
And if you do read the book, one of the best things you can do is post a review! Please share your thoughts on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads!

Options for Autographed Copies

While signing requests are allowed and encouraged in person, providing signed copies by mail is not very practical. For that reason, autographed bookplates are now available. Bookplates can be mailed in an envelope to the purchaser, then anchored to the inside of the book with the peel-off adhesive.

Two options exist for folks who want physical signatures; you can buy the bookplate and provide name/address information through PayPal, or you can mail your fee to the author's PO Box. You can choose one of those options and find the rates here at the autograph page.

For eBooks, there is Authorgraph. Request a signature for your electronic copy of the book, and the author will provide a personal message and unique inscription. Authorgraph instructs you on how to receive the document electronically once you request it.

Enter to Win a Copy!

Skyhorse Publishing is giving away FIVE COPIES!
Between August 24 and August 30, you can ENTER TO WIN a free book. Goodreads account required.

Asexual Perspectives Everywhere!

Julie's article "Enjoy Your Houseful of Cats" was published in The Toast on July 1. It discusses the experience of being an asexual woman and how femininity intersects with being both asexual and aromantic.
Read "Enjoy Your Houseful of Cats" Now!
Julie was interviewed in YA Interrobang, discussing asexual perspectives and asexual representation in fiction and other media.
Read "Julie Sondra Decker & Asexuality" Now!
Julie was interviewed by Brian from AOkayVideo, discussing the upcoming book and its contents, along with what it will do for the community.
Watch AOkayVideo's Interview with Julie now!

International Asexuality Conference: Toronto

Words from Julie:
The International Asexuality Conference, held in Toronto in June 2014, was a fantastic success. I did a giveaway for several Advance Reading Copies of my book, talked with hundreds of other asexual people, and participated on two panels: The Asexual Leadership Q&A panel and the Asexual Visibility and Content Creation panel. (Those links go to videos of the entire presentations.) I was also invited to briefly talk about asexuality on CTV, a national Canadian news station. As usual, meeting everyone was the highlight!

Personal News From Julie

  • My nephew Ash is eight months old and he can crawl now!
  • I finished a new short story, tentatively titled "That Story about Fortune Cookie Girl." It's on submission.
  • I'm involved in Pitch Wars again--the contest that allows me to pick one applicant and help them get signed to an agent. This year, I got 101 eligible applications!
  • I attended Metrocon with my friend Victor, cosplaying as The Maxx and Julie; a hilarious time was had by all.
  • I recorded my "unboxing" of my copies of the asexuality book. You can watch me open the box and tell you a little about it.
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