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Summary: The Invisible Orientation won four honors; the short story "Her Mother's Child" was published in Kaleidotrope; the paperback of The Invisible Orientation is available for preorder; appearances were made at the University of Minnesota and the North American Asexuality Conference in Toronto; more reviews and features have been published in various media.

The Invisible Orientation: Four award wins/nominations!

I'm pleased to report that The Invisible Orientation did very well with awards and recognitions this year! The book was honored with the following:
I went to New York City in June to attend the awards ceremonies for three of these awards, and was also able to spend time with family and friends, meet my agent, and see a Broadway show. It was a great time all around, even if I was always getting lost!

New short story published: "Her Mother's Child"

The speculative fiction magazine Kaleidotrope published my alternate-world queer coming-of-age fantasy short story, "Her Mother's Child." It is available in their summer 2015 issue. If you like elemental magic or mother/daughter stories, and are interested in queer dialogues or a protagonist with an unusual disability, you might enjoy this story.
Read "Her Mother's Child" Online

Paperback Out in October

The Invisible Orientation's paperback edition, with some updates, should be ready for release on October 6, 2015. It can be preordered. The book's popularity as Carrel's bestselling book will hopefully lead to shelf space in retail stores and good sales in the fall. For now, you can purchase the book in the following formats:
  • Hardcover: A 240-page hard-bound book with dust jacket.
  • eBook: Kindle is available.
  • Audio: version features narrator Reay Kaplan.

Appearance at University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Twin Cities invited me, as a guest of the ace-spectrum group fACES, to speak on aro/ace inclusion in queer spaces in April 2015. These folks were fantastic hosts and had a really nice library! Video of the lecture is here.

North American Asexuality Conference

This year I was thrilled to be involved with the June 2015 North American Asexuality Conference in Toronto. I presented a workshop on handling detractors, met many great people, and did a giveaway for audio and hardcover copies of my book. A video summing up my conference experience is available here.

Ace Sightings: Publications and Media

Here are some more great interviews, reviews, and sightings around the Internet:

Personal News and Updates

  • The second book in the Bad Fairy series is finished! I completed its first draft on July 12, 2015. Next: editing and test readers!
  • My short story "On the Inside" sold to James Gunn's Ad Astra. It has not yet been published as of this writing. It features a trans girl protagonist in an alternate world containing elemental magic.
  • My webcomic Negative One reached its milestone of ten years of weekly updates. My webcomic So You Write celebrated its 50th issue with a longer comic about self-insert characters.
  • I got to see one of the live shows of Welcome to Night Vale with my friend Jeaux in April.
  • Pitch Wars opens on August 17, 2015. I will be mentoring New Adult and Adult manuscripts in the contest for the third year.
  • My youngest sister moved to North Carolina. I'll miss her. :(
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