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Summary: The asexuality book has a new cover; Julie has a new upcoming appearance; comic prints are now available; and Julie appeared in a UK magazine.

The Cover

THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION: An Introduction to Asexuality now has a cover. This may or may not be the final design; currently, it's being used in association with the book until after the distributor gives feedback, but there's a chance this is the one. What do you think? [The author is not involved in the cover designing process.]
[The Invisible Orientation Book Cover]

Release Details

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The book is now available for pre-order on Its release date has changed to September 2, 2014.
Other places it's being sold include Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and Book Depository UK. To answer those of you who have been wondering about international availability, some of these do ship worldwide. Currently only hardcover is listed, but an eBook will release with the hardcover.

You can also add it to your lists on Goodreads, BookVibe, or Shelfari, or like Julie's author page at Amazon's Author Central.
[Julie with Advance Check]
The book has been turned in to the publisher. The author is anxiously awaiting her edit letter. ;)

Here she is with her first check for her book deal.

Any reviewers in the house?

If you have a blog, newsletter, publication, or other media outlet that would like to post a review, an interview with Julie/swankivy, or some kind of promotional feature for the book's release, please get in touch. Advance reader copies may be available to those who offer feature space if the decision-makers at Skyhorse Publishing believe it will be seen by a large audience, so try to include visitor statistics if possible when making a proposal.

Appearance at University of Virginia

[Queer at UVA Logo]
On Thursday, April 10, Julie will be giving a ninety-minute talk on asexual relationships at the University of Virginia in association with Proud to Be Out Week, organized by the Queer Student Union at UVA.
The presentation will cover the following topics:
  • Misconceptions about asexual relationships and sexual activity within them
  • Why asexual people don’t exclusively date each other
  • Ways asexual and non-asexual people have had successful relationships together
  • A list of suggestions to help non-asexual people and asexual people have better compromises
  • Discussion of non-romantic relationships
  • How even people who are not asexual (but have different sexual needs) can benefit from these suggestions
More details on the exact time and place will emerge. Watch the author's site.

Comic Prints Available

[So You Write webcomic sample]
So You Write, the webcomic about the writing life, now has some of its prints available in the author's DeviantART print store. Most of the prints are 5" x 5".

Appearance in Best, UK: Words from Julie

Sadly, the appearance in the UK magazine Best was NOT a very positive experience. The promised read-back never happened, and the article went to print without my approval. This may have been on purpose as my words were rewritten in first person as if I had personally penned the article, and though it was clearly well-intentioned, many misconceptions and misrepresentations were published. My writeup of the magazine's misleading comments and incorrect assumptions is published on my blog.

An abbreviated version of the Best article is available on their site: "I'm a 35-year-old virgin."

Other News From Julie

  • My baby nephew, Ash, is now three months old!
  • My youngest sister is getting married in May and I am a bridesmaid. She is having a Star Wars wedding.
  • I found an old newsletter from 2005 that published many quotes from me about asexuality. It was in AASECT's Contemporary Sexuality newsletter. A PDF is available.
  • Elizabeth Emens's paper about compulsory sexuality was published in Stanford Law Review. I am quoted in it a few times. It's quite an important paper for those who are interested in the legal repercussions of living as an asexual person in a society that normalizes and practically insists upon sexual relationships.
  • My asexuality resources that have lived on my page for some time have been duplicated on my author site for easier reference once the book comes out. The resources include blog links, YouTube channels, dozens of articles and media spots, and networking/info sites for asexual people.
  • I participated as a mentor in Brenda Drake's Pitch Wars Contest, a contest for authors with a completed manuscript who were looking for an agent. The author I chose, Whitney Fletcher, applied my myriad suggestions to his novel and pitch materials, and got an offer of representation through the contest two days after it closed, making us the first team to get signed. Our joint interview about his success is on Brenda's blog.
  • I am reading an excerpt of an in-progress work of fiction on my latest writing channel video.
  • I passed 3,000 YouTube subscribers.
  • Some of you won't like hearing this, but I got a significant haircut.
  • My fantasy webcomic, Negative One, has its own Facebook page now, which you can like if you enjoy the comic.
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