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Time Machine & the European Parliament

The Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) released its draft recommendation on "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education, Culture and the Audiovisual Sector" mentioning our Time Machine Initiative as an explicit example:
"AI could also facilitate the understanding of the history of the Union, such as how the ‘Time Machine Project’ aims to create advanced AI technologies to make sense of vast amounts of information from complex historical data sets stored in archives and museums."
(CULT_PR(2020)655862 PE655.862v01-00)
CULT recommendation on AI

TMO Strategic Plan for 2020-2021 released!

Defining 6 Priority Areas:
  • I.  Time Machine Agenda
  • II.  Local Time Machine Services
  • III. Project Scouting Services
  • IV. Services to Third Parties
  • V.  Dissemination
  • VI. Communication
....including concrete actions, deliverables, schedules and budget - see here:
TMO Operational Plan

Upcoming Events - save the dates!

Aiming to engage the community in getting to know the TMO and it's services, the following online events are scheduled:

October 12th 17:00 - 18:00 CET - Webinar on Local Time Machine Services
October 19th 17:00 - 18:00 CET - Webinar on Project Scouting / Third Party Services
October 26th 17:00 - 18:00 CET - Webinar on "Requests for Comments" (RFCs)
These webinars will additionally serve as test run for similar sessions planned for the
(online) Time Machine Conference (TM 2020)
November 23rd - 24th

Further information will follow!

What else has been going on...

Time Machine on video:

  Finnish Time Machine panel discussion (Finnish)

“Building Blocks for a Virtual Time Machine” keynote by Andreas Maier at ECCV VISART 2020 (English)

Time Machine presentation by Thomas Aigner at DArtHist Austria (German)

... and more...

Time Machine in the press:

  "Riding a time machine to explore European history" Academy of Finland blog by Risto Vilkko (English, Finnish, Swedish)

  "The Advent of the 4D Mirror World" article by TMO president Frédéric Kaplan & Local Time Machine Manager Isabella di Lenardo (English)

... and more...
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