Dear Time Machine friends!

We are thrilled about the many participants that joined us online for our annual conference from 22-23 November 2021! Thank you for your interest and support!

This year we tried a slightly different approach, splitting parts of the conference into parallel sessions allowing the participants to choose their favourite topic and engage more actively within a smaller audience.

All sessions have been recorded and are freely available to review at any time - find the links to the respective videos below (as well as on our website).
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Monday - 22 November 2021

Building a Time Machine Together

  • Introduction: The Road Traveled and Where we are
    Frédéric Kaplan (President of the Time Machine Organisation) sharing our association's common vision of exploring and circulating tools and services to support the building of Local Time Machines, comparing the approach to Stewart Brand's ideas stated in the late 1960s’ "Whole Earth Catalog": "local communities sharing technology and big ideas can change the world!" And that’s what our Local Time Machine platform is here for: mapping, connecting and supporting projects with Time Machine related topics. But that’s not all, of course! For more details tune in on Frédéric’s mesmerizing talk.
  • The Word From the Ground: National and Local Updates
    After our president’s overview of Time Machine Organisation’s activities on a larger scale, our Time Machine Ambassadors were invited to give the community some insights about what’s happening in the countries they represent within the Time Machine network.

Time Machine's Place in Europe

In the afternoon, the audience was able to choose between two thematic sessions running parallel: Time Machine´s connection to large-scale funded international projects and funding opportunities on regional and EU level. Get to know more about:

Tuesday - 23 November 2021


Technology and the Time Machine Community

The second day of the conference was dedicated to the topic of Local Time Machines. After an introduction by Lead Coordinator Isabella di Lenardo and Local Time Machines Manager Ilaria Manzini, the following two topics were discussed in parallel:
We thank all our speakers and participants and are looking forward to another year of active Time Machine involvement!

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