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Let´s jump right in – We are thrilled to announce the successful bid of the ICE consortium taking home the win of the EIT Call for the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for Europe’s vibrant Culture and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI). The Time Machine Organisation is an integral part of the new EIT Culture & Creativity innovation community, teaming up with our long-standing partner the Europeana Foundation. In the form of the “EIT Culture & Creativity” the consortium now takes the European CCSI as a change agent for the Triple Transition in Europe to the next level.
We are looking forward to actively co-shaping the EIT Innovation Community and subsequently, the direction of our activities within the Action Programmes envisioned by this pan-European partnership.

All the while, a lot has been going on within our community since our last newsletter. We are happy to share with you our most recent network updates and bring you up to speed on our Local Time Machine projects. 
The directory below leads you without further ado to your preferred area of interest.

Happy reading and enjoy your summer!

EIT Culture & Creativity – TMO and Europeana Foundation as partners in this new (ad)venture

The ICE consortium made the winning bid for EIT Culture & Creativity (formerly KIC on CCSI) and we are proud to be part of this initiative, enabling the Time Machine Organisation to actively co-shape the future of the Cultural Heritage sector and industries in Europe.
Press Release
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News from our Local Time Machine projects 

Proof of concept: Creating Synergies in the Time Machine Community

The pilot project “Living with water in Amsterdam” is a joint venture of the Amsterdam Time Machine and the German Local Time Machine project UrbanHistory4D, experimenting with the implementation of the latter’s workflows of employing photogrammetry for the virtual recreation of historic buildings in 3D. A proof of concept for the Time Machine community.
Time Machine as Catalyst

Exhibition “Fluid Matter – Designing with water in Amsterdam”

Results of the above-named cooperation can be experienced in the recently opened exhibition in the Arcam Architecture Centre Amsterdam, contextualising life in Amsterdam with water through interactive installations, models, data visualisations, animation and art.
Exhibition "Fluid Matter"

Mnemosine Project: Digital Library of the Other Silver Age Spain

Earlier this year we featured this inspiring project with a special #LTMThursday episode, interviewing project manager María Dolores Romero López from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She provided insights into the main focus of the research initiative called "Mnemosine" aiming at selecting, categorizing and making available forgotten literary texts of the period between 1868 and 1939.

Follow the link below for updates on the project including a call for participation and the publication of a data set in the Local Time Machine environment.
Mnemosine Project

Virtueel Princenhage

The ambitious project aims to digitally rebuild the Dutch village of Princenhage of the year 1900. The project team calls for participation of local citizens willing to share old photos, building plans etc. from their private holdings to help enrich the 3D visualisation. 
Virtueel Princenhage

Timeline Travel – Mobile App

Adding a new dimension to the teaching and studying of architectural history was the aim of the Erasmus+ project "Timeline Travel". Now the desktop version was enhanced by a mobile app, enabling users to more easily create their own timelines on their mobile devices.
Timeline Travel

Italgas Heritage Lab

With its over 500,000 digital acquisitions, Italgas' museum and digital laboratory is on the way to become a leader in the field of digital humanities applied to industrial heritage.
Italgas Heritage Lab

Nicosia Time Machine – Cooperation with PERIsCOPE

The Local Time Machine project Interactive Visualisation of Historic Nicosia is cooperating with the project Portal for heritage buildings integration into the contemporary built environment (PERIsCOPE) in a collaborative testing workshop to explore the capabilities of the platform Urban Periscope enabling multi-scale and multi-modal studies of cities, functioning as a Time Machine of historic neighbourhoods.
Nicosia Time Machine & PERIsCOPE

Lausanne Time Machine at the DHdays 2022

Running from 22-23 June in the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, the DHdays co-organized by the EPFL College of Humanities (CDH) and the UNIL-EPFL dhCenter, in partnership with the Initiative for Media Innovation, was a major success! Swiss television (RTS) featured a video on the Lausanne Time Machine as part of the evening news on 23 June (minute 30:02).
Lausanne Time Machine

Citizen Heritage – Citizen Science Practices in Cultural Heritage

Our partner the PHOTOCONSORTIUM – International Consortium for Photographic Heritage recently organized a multiplier event within the project Citizen Heritage in cooperation with the Museo della Grafica di Pisa and the University of Pisa, encouraging local communities to participate in cultural heritage, more specifically photographic heritage. Conference attendants had the opportunity to bring along private photos to be digitized on the spot and fed into Europeana.
PHOTOCONSORTIUM & Citizen Heritage

Local Time Machine Thursdays

To highlight our Local Time Machine projects as such and increase the visibility of our Local Time Machine landscape, we initiated our #LTMThursday campaign. Every other Thursday we invite our audience to discover a unique Local Time Machine project featured in our Time Machine newsroom and on Twitter. 

Please be kindly invited to discover our manifold Local Time Machine projects featured in this campaign to date and get in touch if you wish to participate with your project.
Discover #LTMThursday

News from our Time Machine members 

Project CREARCH ‒ News

The project "CReative Europen ARCHives as innovative cultural hubs ‒ CREARCH" is carried out by Time Machine partners Banco di Napoli Foundation, ICARUS Hrvatska, University of Peloponnese and Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg. The focus of the project lies on audience development in archives, digital storytelling, engagement of the public and fostering creative and cultural interactions.

Critical Catalogue of Martin Luther Portraits (1519 - 1530)

Hundreds of different portraits exist depicting Martin Luther in the early 1500s, many of them by the hand of Lucas Cranach the Elder. A comprehensive catalogue of digitised images enables the critical evaluation of the historical sources. 
Catalogue of Luther Portraits

n-Dame_Heritage –Bbuilding Cathedrals of Knowledge

Building upon the mass of digitally born data produced within the framework of the scientific worksite of Notre-Dame de Paris, the project is working on a generalisable approach, a replicable methodology and an open and reusable digital ecosystem to build cathedrals of knowledge.
Project n-Dame_Heritage

BoostDigiCulture – Enhancing Digital Capacities of Adult Cultural Professionals

The Erasmus+ project aims to foster the digital skills of professionals in implementing digital culture in their institutional agenda and promote awareness of the importance of digital readiness and training for adult cultural professionals for institutional resilience and sustainability.

Our (German-speaking) community is also invited to take part in a pilot testing phase of the project’s e-learning platform and self-assessment tool (deadline: 15 July 2022).
Project BoostDigiCulture

Latest Accessions to the Time Machine Network

Since our last issue another four new members joined our network: We are excited to see our network grow continuously!
Welcome on board and we are looking forward to our future cooperation!

News from our Time Machine Ambassadors

New Addition to the Ambassador Network

We are proud to announce the accession of a new Time Machine Ambassador: Salvatore Spina, Research Fellow at the University of Catania. He received his Ph.D. in History of Mediterranean Europe (Cultures, Society and Institutions, centuries 15th-20th), at the University of Messina. His main research topics are Digital Humanities and Digital History, based on interdisciplinary methodologies that can create a bridge between History, Genetics, Medicine and Science.
A very warm welcome and we are looking very much forward to our future cooperation.
Meet Salvatore

*Upcoming Local Time Machine Events*

1 September 2022
"Data Sprint on Historical 3D Amsterdam"
Amsterdam Time Machine invites to share experiences with 3D modeling of historical data (in Dutch!).
Ready, set, go!
21 - 22 October 2022
“The Rhône and its links with the city of Sion through the centuries.”
Valais-Wallis Time Machine Organisation's to host its first interdisciplinary hackathon.
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