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On Monday, October 12th, the TMO-Team took it's first tentative step into the world of online broadcasting. This first webinar was staged as MS-Teams “live event” and was meant to actively reach out to the community and share the latest activities and related progress, while also inviting the participants to share their thoughts in a question-and-answer chat running parallel. The feedback of the event was quite positive, encouraging the Team to offer more of these online sessions...

TMO Webinar #1 - Local Time Machines

This first TMO-webinar was trying to touch base on the idea of Local Time Machines – a concept that has changed slightly during the last months: with increasing numbers of individual projects dealing with cultural heritage (on the way to the Big Data of the Past) linked to a specific locality, the definition of just one of these projects as “Local Time Machine” is obsolete. The new idea of “Local Time Machines” will be a collection of data connected to one locality (even if a participating project is located elsewhere, it can still contribute to the data collection of another Local Time Machine).
Isabella di Lenardo
TMO Local Time Machine Officer
Julia Noordegraaf
TMO Vice President
These two leading ladies within the TMO were giving insights into what was, is and will be happening in relation to the Local Time Machines, providing a presentation and going into more depth in the following question-and-answer session.
Find here the presentation and the video recording of the event:

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Monday, October 19th 17:00 - 18:00 CET - TMO Webinar #2: 

Project Scouting and Third Party Services

Project Scouting Service Leader Sander Münster and his team will introduce TMO's plans for services to third parties (e.g. consulting for national/regional authorities) and the already running Project Scouting activities plus success stories.
TMO Webinar #2

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October 26th 17:00 - 18:00 CET - Webinar on "Requests for Comments" (RFCs)

November 23rd - 24th    Time Machine Conference (TM 2020) + TMO General Assembly
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