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Building on the success of our 3 thematic Webinars in October, we set up a similar structure for this year's Time Machine Conference, that had to be staged virtually. Although we decided to use a different software (Zoom Webinar instead of MS Teams Live Event) the idea behind the online event stayed the same: inform everyone about what is/was/will be happening within our Time Machine initiative.

Find below the video recordings of the conference sessions and some other additional information...

Session I

Learn more on how to help us advance the technical infrastructure of the Time Machine via Requests for Comments...
Building a Time Machine - RFCs

Session II

Get acquainted with our new project submission tool and help increase the amount of content and projects composing our Local Time Machines...
Building Local Time Machines

Session III

Get to know how you, as regular or founding member, can benefit from TMO's services in terms of funding opportunities, matchmaking etc. to support your Time Machine related projects...
Supporting Project Ideas

Time Machine Support

The Austrian Government firmly supports the digitisation, research and preservation of Cultural Heritage, which is also part of the governmental programme 2020-2024 (de).

Within this frame the Time Machine Organisation was granted financial support from not only one, but two ministries:
On the occasion of our Time Machine Conference 2020, which was initially planned to be held in Vienna to inaugurate TMO's establishment and new headquarter, the Team sent out invitations to our supporting ministries and received immediate and positive answers.

Due to the pandemic situation physical meetings had to be dismissed but we were not let down by our supporters and received a video message from the Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research and a live greeting from the General Director of the Department of Arts and Culture of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport.
    Thank you for your support!    
But not only the Austrian ministries play an important role in sustaining the Time Machine (Organisation) but first and foremost the association's  members!
You are what makes the Time Machine evolve and consolidate!

Some of our members were taking up the opportunity to present themselves to the network within the frame of the TMO annual General Assembly, 23 November 2020 - have their presentations and the video recording here:
Presentations of our TMO members
A big THANK YOU to all participants and panelists of our Time Machine Conference 2020 and your ongoing support for our Time Machine vision!
With financial support of :
With financial support of :
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