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On November 22nd and 23rd we will be staging our annual Time Machine Conference - again virtually using Zoom. All Time Machine enthusiasts are most welcome to join - participation is free and open to everyone!

Find below a detailed programme and some other relevant information.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Your TMO-Team

Day 1 - Building a Time Machine Together

We'll be starting our conference on Monday, November 22nd at 13:30 CET with an introduction by our president Frédéric Kaplan offering an update on the Time Machine initiative embedded in the Time Machine Organisation.

Our Time Machine Ambassadors will then continue by sharing information on how Time Machine and the Time Machine Organisation are currently developing in their respective countries.

Day 1 (part 2) - Time Machine's Place in Europe

The second part of the first conference day, commencing at 15:30 CET, is dedicated to a more detailed look into international activities the Time Machine initiative represented by the Time Machine Organisation is involved in.

Five topics are split into two parallel sessions: One session with a focus on Time Machine´s connection to large-scale funded international projects, the other session with a focus on the Time Machine Organisation Project Scouting Service, funding opportunities and current project involvements.

You will have the opportunity to choose between two break-out rooms:

Room 1
1. Embarking with the Innovative Creative Economy (ICE) Consortium on a new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI)
Harry Verwayen (Vice president of the Time Machine Organisation) & Bernd Fesel (Director of the European Creative Business Network)

2. A Holistic Approach to the Cultural Heritage Research and Innovation landscape: The HORIZON CSA project “ARCHE – Alliance for Research on Cultural Heritage in Europe” aka HORIZON-CL2-2021-HERITAGE-02
Frédéric Kaplan (President of the Time Machine Organisation) & Alexandre Caussé (International Project Manager, Foundation for Cultural Heritage Sciences)

Room 2
1. Funding on regional and local scale: the Recovery and Resilience Facility of the European Commission
Oğuz Özkan (Time Machine Organisation Project Scouting Officer), Juan Castro (Scientist at CSIC - Spanish National Research Council) & Anca Calugaru (Business Director at Schuman Associates)

2. Research Funding on EU scale: The Horizon Europe Operational Programme in 2022
Oğuz Özkan (Time Machine Organisation Project Scouting Officer)

3. Innovation Funding: The S3 Partnership “Virtual and Smart Cultural Tourism” as funding hub for interregional projects
Sander Münster (Lead Strategist of the Time Machine Organisation Project Scouting Service) & Selda Ulutaş Aydoğan (Coordinator of the Time Machine Organisation Project Scouting Service)

Day 2 - Technology and the Time Machine Community

Day two of the conference, starting at 9:00 CET on November 23rd, is devoted to exploring our Local Time Machines and Local Time Machine projects. Our Local Time Machines team will present the latest updates of the Local Time Machine community and Time Machine as a learning community implemented by the Time Machine Academies. Furthermore, news on recent technological developments such as Time Machine tools and the Request for Comments will be discussed.

The second day will be rounded off by parallel presentations of some selected Local Time Machine projects reflecting on topics relevant to their activities.

Again you will have the chance to choose between two break-out rooms:

Room 1
The Governance of a Local Time Machine: Building and Coordinating a Multi-Stakeholder Consortium Based on the Experiences with Various Local Time Machines
Participants: Amsterdam Time Machine (Julia Noordegraaf), Budapest Time Machine (Isván Kenyeres, András Sipos, Ágnes Telek), Valais-Wallis & Sion Time Machines (Léa Marie d’Avigneau, Johann Roduit)

Room 2
3D/4D as a Resource to Bridge History and Future in the Urban Space
Participants: FSU Jena (Ferdinand Maiwald), Utrecht Time Machine (Toine Pieters), Nicosia Time Machine (Georgios Artopoulos), University and City of Ghent (Mario Matthys), Université Gustave Eiffel/IGN, project ALEGORIA (Valérie Gouet-Brunet)
All sessions will be recorded and made available to review, but the main gain comes from your live attendance and interaction - so make sure to join us upcoming Monday and Tuesday and
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Get into the mood of the conference by watching this short teaser with statements of some of our speakers:
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