Online & offline: Camden Encounters and #Sergina in Glasgow, Salford, Berlin, Birmingham, Belgrade, Brooklyn & elswhere
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Camden Encounters & Sergina: Memories, Collaboration & Drag

This year I have focussed on two projects: Camden Encounters, a 12-month long commission from Camden Council in celebration of 50 years since the formation of the Borough in its current form, and #Sergina, a drag queen character I have developed over the past few years, who sings and performs songs about love, sex and cell phones - alone and with others.

Whilst Camden Encounters involves very physical interactions and negotiations with the city in order to gather people's 'Sticky Memories' from nooks and crannies of Camden through a series of face-to-face encounters at the sites of these memories, Sergina's collaborations tend to happen mostly online. For my upcoming multi-performer, multi-location performance entitled Sergina's Stimulatingly Sexy Simultaneous Simulation of Herself, which is taking place on two consecutive days in November, (at the opening of RIGHT HERE/RIGHT NOW at The Lowry on 11th and at SHOUT festival in Birmingham on 12th,) I have the great honour (and pleasure) to work with an array of massively brilliant people in a variety of cities, without whom this performance would not be possible. 

Performers for Sergina's Sexy.. include Liz Rosenfeld (Berlin), Kate Spence (Birmingham), Raul de Nieves (Brooklyn), Vladimir Bjelicic (Belgrade). Plus I have Roseanna Velin doing makeup, Patricia Muriale on costumes and Kanchi Wichmann and Trevor Pitt are both helping to lick songs into shape. 

From The Lowry on 11th November the performance will be live streamed via This is Tomorrow, so you have the chance to watch it on a screen near you, from wherever.

For Camden Encounters, the end destination is the official Camden50 website, to which I am uploading the edited interviews one-by-one. Last month I gave a live presentation of the project at The Roundhouse, along with three of my participants: Ruth Ingram, Hannah Morris, Ubah Egal and Gill Watson (going online next week!). On 30th November the commission will be brought to a close with a public presentation in Camden Town Hall. 

Other news includes the (first ever cinema) screening of 3 Sergina films at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival (#SQIFF2015) in Glasgow next weekend, as part of a shorts programme called 'Anxiety Sucks.' And, for those in Berlin, I'm doing a (solo) performance on 25th October, in Bethanien, at the Finissage of 25 Karat by this year's Goldrausch Künstlerinnen programme participants. 

More info about dates & places of all these is below. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at one event or the other before long!

Best wishes,


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DATES & PLACES of upcoming screenings, performances & exhibitions Sept-Nov 2015
[glasgow] _Three of #Sergina's videos - Instantaneous Culture, Phone Me Don't Write and I Want to See You From A Different Perspective - are being screened at CCA Glasgow on Saturday 26th Sept as part of Scottish Queer International Film Festival (#SQIFF). 
[salford quays + places beginning with b] _The first ever online/offline performance of Sergina's Stimulatingly Sexy Simultaneous Simulation of Herself will take place as part of the opening event of RIGHT HERE / RIGHT NOW at The Lowry on Wednesday 11th November & in other places beginning with b. 
[vienna]  _Laughing, Photography and Drag - conversation between Elly Clarke and Lena Rosa Händle in Lena's just-published photo book 'Laughing Inverts'. Book presentation 7th October at Kubus EXPORT, Vienna.
[birmingham + in bedrooms in places beginning with b] _The second online/offline performance of Sergina's Stimulatingly Sexy Simultaneous Simulation of Herself will take place on the opening night of SHOUT festival at BOM Lab on Thursday 12th November & in bedrooms in places beginning with b.
[berlin] _#Sergina is performing live on Sunday 25th October at the Finissage of 2015 Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Projekt IT exhibition 25 Karat - in Studio 1 at Bethanien in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
[london & online]  _Camden Council Commission Camden Encounters continues with 13 Encounters online so far and several more to follow. Closing Event for Camden Encounters as well as other #Camden50 commissions takes place at Camden Town Hall on Monday 30th November, from 1-5pm . All welcome. 
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