Next Session: Saturday 12 June via Facebook event
Next Workshop: Monday 21 June (in person in Thornbury) and Wednesday 16 June (online) @ 7.30 pm
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SATURDAY 12 June 2021
3pm–6pm  at 303 High Street, Northcote

  Don't miss out! 
Join us live online

And so it came to pass.  Restrictions in Melbourne mean tomorrow’s session will be online instead of at Bar 303.  We will be presenting our fabulous June line up via the wonder of the internet for you on Saturday afternoon.  We had some awesome moments during our online events last year, and while there is nothing like feeling the vibrations of a life performance, the connection, warmth and community really does shine through. 

Don't miss out during this weird restricted Winter weekend, make a cup of tea or grab a beverage of your choice and join us!

How to attend?

Use the link below to tune into the Facebook event, from 3pm
When the event starts, you can watch the live video on this event page. 
Connect via commentary with our hosts and artists.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay 

Our great mix of long-time and new members
performing in June will be:

3:15 Simon Kerr
3:30 Pauline Sherlock
3:45 Ann Poore
4:00 Rachel Wilson
4:15 Gillian Sealby
4:30 Nathan Chapman
4:45 Alison Mapleson
5:00 Arty Redsocks
5:15 Kate Sloan
5:30 All the way home

Usually we don't prearrange our running order, but during an online event it's helpful for our performers and audience to plan ahead of time.

Please note that times are approximate.


Next workshop: Monday 21 and Wednesday 16 June

At the Darebin Songwriters' Guild songwriting workshops, participants take turns playing a song to each other and get feedback, comments, suggestions, and so on. It’s great for when you're working on a new song and are a bit stuck with it or not sure about it.

The next face-to-face workshop will be held on Monday 21 June @ 7:30 pm in Thornbury. The next online workshop will held on Wednesday 16th June @ 7:30 over Zoom

To book, visit

For more information, email

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