Call out for performers: Sunday 1st November in your lounge room! 
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Sunday 1st November 2020
3.30–6.30PM  live in your own home!

Come and play! We're doing it again!

The last two "Zoom into the Guild Sessions" have been really popular and have been a beautiful way to keep our community spirits up.  Come and feed your locked down creative soul.  Put your name down on the list to play a 3 song set for our afternoon of music and sharing.  We will send you the technical information and help you get set up half an hour earlier on the day so it all goes smoothly.  Your family and friends can tune in via the live Facebook event - in some ways,  we are connecting  even more than before.   Whether you are new or we know you well, you'll be welcomed at the Guild - a place for seasoned and emerging songwriters to play in front of an encouraging audience and share their work with kindred spirits.  

How you can be part of it:

The session will be held on Zoom, a videoconferencing platform that has been successfully used for music performances. It will also be streamed live to our Facebook page.

To perform: Reply to our email and get yourself on the list to play. On the day you will need to join the Zoom session. You’ll need a computer, phone or tablet with a camera, and the Zoom app. You will also need to make some adjustments to the Zoom app’s sound settings because they are designed for speech, and need to be changed so that singing and playing and instrument will sound right. Performers will be given detailed instructions (including instructional videos) so they can adjust the settings correctly.

To attend: you can either join the Zoom session (where there is some scope for direct interactivity such as applauding after each song), or watch the Facebook livestream (where you can’t interact directly like that, but can interact with other attendees via comments). In the absence of the traditional gold coin donations, we’ll be asking performers and attendees to make a small donation of $1 or $2 via direct deposit, to help cover our Zoom subscription costs.  (Details for that later). But don’t worry, the Guild is for everyone so if you can’t afford the donation,  join in anyway!


If you want to play a three-song set
on 1st November email us now at

 Please note: places fill fast and these sessions have been very popular. Priority will be given to those who have not participated via Zoom before - but don't let that stop you. If you are keen, send us an email anyway and we will let you know.

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