Next Session: Sunday 2 June at Bar 303 in Northcote
Next Workshop:  Monday 10 June at the Rose Shamrock in Reservoir
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Sunday 2 June 2019
3:30–6:30pm at 303 High Street, Northcote

Songs, friends, inspiration!

We have a host of new talent at the Guild this month plus a few of our favourites.  An afternoon at the Guild always brings the goods - often the funny, the heartbreaking and the provocative.  Many times we are blown away by the level of talent on display and this session will no exception. 
Come along and be a part of this diverse and evolving event,
 At the Guild, we're all about participation and supporting local artists.  You can show your support by coming along, bringing some friends and also by sharing our Facebook page and events to help spread the word about our community of musicians. All are welcome. Find us on Facebook:

This session at the Guild
you will hear:
  • Michael Lemaire

  • Sam Terranova

  • Cate Taylor

  • Christian Kuhlmann

  • Dayle Alison Walker

  • Rachel Clark

  • Nathan Leigh

  • Zac Shapiro

  • Rebecca Perkins

  • Fiona Claire and Michael Macdermid

Next workshop: Monday 2 June

The next workshop will be held on Monday 2 June, 7:30 - 9:30 pm.
Rose Shamrock Hotel, 709 Plenty Road, Reservoir
Please RSVP to if you want to come.

Participants take turns playing a song to each other and get feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. great for when you're working on a new song and are a bit stuck with it or not sure about it.

There is no optional theme this month, but attendees who have been to earlier workshops are encouraged to bring back a song they’ve previously brought to the workshop and done subsequent work on in response to the feedback they received.

Places are limited; so if you want to take part, email to register.

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