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that over the last 4 years, 
Ministries of Health (MOH) have made up the majority (55%) of ARH clients

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that lists of prequalified suppliers are available on the AccessRH website?  

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that AccessRH maintains inventory of a number of contraceptives and kits for faster delivery? 

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Johnson & Johnson donated sutures distributed in Madagascar 

Madagascar is the first country to receive UNFPA fistula kits containing sutures donated by Johnson & Johnson. In Madagascar, more than 50,000 women and young girls suffer from obstetric fistula and await reconstructive surgery. 

As part of the country's national campaign to eliminate obstetric fistula, Madagascar has launched its third campaign to train medical professionals in reconstructive surgery for obstetric fistula repair. Together with the Ministry of Public Health, UNFPA is working to help develop a roster of skilled medical professionals adept in treating obstetric fistula throughout the country.
So far, 30 kits of Fistula Kit 2 have been distributed throughout the country, with 208 cases of fistula to be repaired in the Mananjary and Tulear regions of the country. 

UNFPA continues to work closely with Johnson & Johnson to ensure prompt and accurate distribution of the kits containing the donated sutures. 

For information about UNFPA fistula kits please contact UNFPA at 

Increasing access to contraceptive implants

Stock outs of consumable supplies at service delivery points prevent women from accessing a full range of family planning methods. Despite access to trained health  workers and contraceptive implants, a lack of the basic supplies needed to provide implant services can result in women being denied service

As part of an overall effort to increase access to long-acting reversible contraceptives, UNFPA has been working towards preventing stock outs of consumable supplies at service delivery points. 

UNFPA is pleased to announce that two new medical device Long Term Agreements (LTAs) have been signed 
for contraceptive implant insertion/removal kits. The kits provide the tools necessary to perform 25 contraceptive implant insertion and or removal procedures. The new LTAs are currently available for sourcing from the product catalog
For information regarding these new Long Term Agreements, please contact UNFPA at

Procurement partnership with the government of Cambodia 

UNFPA recently hosted a delegation of government representatives from Cambodia to participate in a two-day workshop at the UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

After a historic decision by the government of Cambodia to establish a national budget line for the procurement of contraceptives, the government plans to fully cover the contraceptive needs for the public sector from 2016 onward

In light of this decision, the aim of the two-day workshop was to provide the delegation with an opportunity to better understand the AccessRH system and how it can help the country reach its national goals for reproductive and sexual Health. 

The Cambodia Ministry of Health is partnering with UNFPA to provide a variety of reproductive health commodities including: injectable, emergency and oral contraceptives, worth over $2 million in 2016. 

UNFPA is pleased to support the government of Cambodia in its efforts to reach its reproductive and sexual health goals. 


QA of Medicines e-course now available in French

UNFPA is pleased to announce that the Quality Assurance of Medicines e-course is now available in French. 

Users representing governments, NGOs or other implementing partners can locate the course via the UNFPA Supplies Learning Zone

For information about this course or other available e-courses please contact UNFPA at

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