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UNFPA Zika virus response 

UNFPA is closely monitoring the outbreak of the Zika virus and is warning about its potential adverse effects on the health of women and babies, particularly in Latin America. Governments are being called on to expand access to contraception, with a number of governments advising women to delay becoming pregnant because of the risk of microcephaly - a form of brain damage in the foetus which has been associated with Zika virus infection. 

With reported cases of  Zika virus transmission through sexual contact, UNFPA Procurement Service Branch has a number of contraceptive commodities available in stock and available for immediate release.  
Contraceptive commodities currently in stock include:
  • male condoms
  • female condoms
  • RH kit 4 - oral contraceptives kits
  • RH kit 7 - IUD insertion and removal kits

UNFPA will continue to work with countries to increase access to a wide range of voluntary family planning commodities. For more information about UNFPA Zika virus response or for information about contraceptives in stock, please contact UNFPA at

Scaling up access to life-saving maternal health medicines 

A new source for Magnesium Sulphate 50%, 10ml, has received a positive recommendation for procurement from the WHO Expert Review Panel (ERP).
The medicine, which will soon be available for procurement via the AccessRH product catalog, is a life-saving maternal health medicine used in the treatment of eclampsia and preeclampsia — the two leading causes of maternal death.
Life-saving commodities such as magnesium sulphate are often inaccessible to vulnerable populations resulting in a number of women dying of causes that are preventable and treatable. As the lead agency for providing a world where every child birth is safe, UNFPA, together with WHO is working to address commodity-related gaps ensuring access to quality assured life-saving maternal health medicines. 

For questions, please contact UNFPA at

Condomize custom condom foils now available

UNFPA is pleased to announce that Condomize custom foils are available via the AccessRH product catalog. These standard male condoms offer the same great quality, the same great value, but with a great new look!
For information regarding customized artwork, please visit AccessRH or contact UNFPA at

Oral contraceptive price reductions

UNFPA is please to announce that there are catalog price reductions for the following oral contraceptives:
  • The unit price of Desorgestrel 0.15mg + Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03mg+placebo is reduced to $0.69/cycle
  • The unit price of Lynestrenol 0.5 mg is reduced to $0.41/cycle

For information about the price reductions, please contact UNFPA at

New contraceptives implants available

UNFPA is pleased to announce that a new pack of 5 sets of one rod Implant NXT has now been added to the AccessRH product catalog.

Currently, this new 5-set pack is only available for FP2020 countries.

For information about the availability of this item please contact UNFPA at

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