AccessRH Update June 2015
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over the last 4 years, AccessRH delivered
more than 172 million
condoms from inventory? 

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that lists of prequalified manufacturers are
available online? 

Did you know 
generic hormonal contraceptives and maternal health medicine were delivered to 18 countries
in 2014?


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Video: Benin - Improving access to contraceptives    

World Bank, UNFPA ongoing partnership to advance women's health 

A standard agreement is in place to make it easier for World Bank Group borrowers to procure reproductive health supplies through AccessRH.
The agreement dramatically simplifies the procurement process for countries implementing World Bank financed projects as well as streamlines invoicing, billing and financial reporting.
Countries can review specifications, select RH supplies from the online catalogue and place their orders directly with UNFPA's AccessRH.
For more information, please contact your UNFPA country focal point or email us at

UNFPA suppliers going green 

Since UNFPA launched its Green Procurement Strategy in 2013, one of the first objectives was to collaborate with suppliers in order to reduce the environmental impact of the UNFPA supply chain.

Two years later, UNFPA suppliers have proven that going green is not only possible, but also beneficial. This infographic shows some of the savings achieved by UNFPA suppliers over the last two years. 

For more information on the UNFPA Green Procurement strategy, please click here or contact the Procurement Services Branch at

Expression of Interest (EOI) - Reproductive health medicines

On July 15, 2015, UNFPA will be publishing an invitation to manufacturers of reproductive health medicines to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for product evaluation by the WHO Expert Review Panel (ERP). 

The ERP will be open for submission for two months, and may be accessed online at, or directly from the UN Global Market
For more information, please contact the UNFPA Quality Assurance team at

Global Programme: New e-course available 

A new e-course on the Quality Assurance of Medicines is now available via the Global Programme Learning Zone.

The course offers you a chance to gain or refresh your knowledge about Quality Assurance of medicines with special emphasis on the role of quality assurance in the procurement  process. 

To register for the course, click hereFor information about this course or other available courses please visit the Global Programme site, or contact the GPRHCS team at         

Suppliers and manufacturers meeting 

Together with UNICEF and WHO, UNFPA will be hosting a meeting with suppliers and manufacturers of medicines, vaccines, contraceptive devices and diagnostics.
The meeting, which will take place between November 23 - 25, 2015 at the UN City building in Copenhagen, will provide suppliers and manufacturers with an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the technical quality standards and procurement procedures applied by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA, and how to meet them. 

To attend the meeting please register. For more information, please contact the UNFPA Quality Assurance team at:

United Nations Population Fund

Procurement Services Branch
Marmorvej 51
DK-2100 Copenhagen

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