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Video: El Salvador- Ensuring safe, effective contraceptives at a good value

UNFPA exploring innovation in the supply chain  

UNFPA Procurement Services Branch (PSB) recently launched the UNFPA Copenhagen Innovation Unit with the aim  of exploring innovation in the supply chain.

The primary focus of the unit will be around the supply chain management of life-saving health commodities, coupled with strong research into relevant game-changing technology and new partnership development. 

Live demonstrations of some of UNFPA's innovation projects were given, including how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be used to make last mile deliveries of reproductive health products, and how track and trace technology may be used in the supply chain. 
Watch the video here.

For more information or questions regarding the Copenhagen Innovation Unit, please contact the Innovation team at

Johnson & Johnson donated sutures now in fistula kit 

Thanks to a recent partnership, UNFPA has now received the first batch of fistula repair kits containing surgical sutures donated from Johnson & Johnson.  

UNFPA Procurement Services Branch (PSB) now has 200 Fistula Repair Kits (Kit 2) available in stock. Of the initial 200 kits, 90 are slated for delivery in Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Together, as part of the global Campaign to End Fistula, UNFPA and its partners are now working in more than 50 countries across Africa, Asia and the Arab region.

UNFPA PSB will continue to work closely with Johnson & Johnson to ensure prompt and accurate distribution of the kits containing the donated sutures. 

For more information about the availability of stock, please contact the UNFPA PSB Emergency team at

New products in the catalog 

UNFPA Procurement Services Branch (PSB) is pleased to announce that five new Long Term Agreements (LTAs) for medical devices, and two new LTAs for medical furniture have been signed. The new LTAs are now available for sourcing from the product catalog

For information regarding these new Long Term Agreements, please contact the UNFPA Medical Devices team at:

Upcoming supplier workshop 

UNFPA Procurement Services Branch (PSB) will be hosting its third annual workshop with suppliers and manufacturers of contraceptives.
The workshop will coincide with the Joint UNFPA / UNICEF / WHO Quality Assurance Meeting for Suppliers and Manufacturers, and will take place November 26 - 27, 2015 at the UN City building in Copenhagen. 

The workshop will 
provide current and potential suppliers and manufacturers with an opportunity to gain knowledge about global projects through joint efforts between donors, public procuring organizations and governments.  This year's two-day workshop will be different from previous years as UNFPA will focus on presenting tools and initiatives that will be implemented to improve the efficiency of procurement processes.

For information about previous workshops, click here. For details about this year's workshop, please contact Miranda Hansen:


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