Pick'n'Mitch #13

Alphabet, Emails and Beamers

The Email Game
Bring Your Own Beamer

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The Email Game

The Email Game is a disappointingly unattractive (with hints of Windows 98) email add-on, but a fun-and-functional tool for your gmail needs nonetheless.

Settings allow you to decide how many emails you want to tackle in each session and gives you 3 minutes to deal with each email as standard - losing points(!) for any slack time management.

I don't spend much time with gmail but whenever I've used this I have coursed through my emails in record time and loved doing it.  

There is an enterprise edition which given the advertised '30% faster' stat on their site, is a tantalising time-saving investment if you're willing to release your emails a little rougher around the edges.

In any case, there's a default signature politely excusing your short and swift responses in case you don't allow time for typos or tone-checking:
Chrome Extension
Enterprise Edition

Bring Your Own Beamer

Bring Your Own Beamer is designed as a fuss-free format to easily organise artist get-togethers who project their work up, down, all around in their chosen locale.

Electricity supply can be somewhat of a restriction but otherwise projector p/art/ies seem like a great way for anyone to step outside their home, school or office and pick a different setting to deliver a presentation or show off some work.

Projectors currently selling for as low as $24,99 on eBay.
For the record, even my humble home of Birmingham hosted a BYOB night in 2013 - they must be good!
Bring Your Own Beamer Worldwide

Krop Circle

My secret is out!

Let it be known - KropCircle is the app I use for the many multiple Ms that sign off these emails.

It's free for the alphabet and cheap for some extras (as per below) and can look quite cool with the right photo and positioning.

One of the few apps I continue to go back to and not just for Pick'n'Mitch purposes either.  Well worth a download and very nicely designed too!
...and that's it!

I noticed I've started writing a lot more per pick recently so have decided to trial a three-per-three-week format to see if I can shape up recent waffle for a sharper, snappier style. 

As always, let me know what you think  ; )

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