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August 2015

Things that find cool stuff so you don't have to.


This Is not My Jam
With the algorithm race to crack the music-discovery code seemingly dominated by Spotify and AppleMusic, the tsunami of start-ups making music easier and more fun to find can be overlooked occasionally.

Sadly one such start-up announced it's divorcing users to refocus its founders on other exciting projects. This Is My Jam was an as-simple-as-it-sounds concept, collecting the cream of your friend's music crop without you having to wade through hours of playlists.

Thankfully, when Popjustice broke the bad news this month, they pointed out a plainer but pleasant alternative in Cymbal:

Unlike This Is My Jam, a website that you could access on your mobile via browser if you insisted, Cymbal have an iOS app that is slick from the get-go.

It's designed to look like a personal vinyl collection and allows you to share the cover art / vinyl sleeve to Instagram to satisfy your oversharing, tastemaker needs.

Night Night

hipster hotels for laggards

Want the quirkiness at the odder ends of the Airbnb spectrum but the extra holiday experience of being in a hotel? 

Night Night is a new startup investing lots of human love and attention into curating where-to-staylists for the world's hippest city spots. With their help, you save time searching and skip to select and spend!

It's a pleasantly well-designed website in the same way it hopes to point you towards pleasantly well-designed accommodation in lieu of everyday Expedia fodder.

They're working with 12 cities at the moment but my top tip is skip to Lisbon. Click the screenshot below to see their top 23 spots to stay.


the encyclopaedia's new clothes
Wikiwand doesn't necessarily curate Wikipedia but does give it a much-needed modern makeover / style overhaul - streamlining its interface and injecting a healthy dose of usability with a dash of personality too.

Wikipedia's featured article (at time of writing) is this, whereas Wikiwand give Beyonce and Rihanna pride of place...alongside Albert Einstein, Heaven and Hill(s). 

Give it a go and savour your first try - it's like the first time you put on a clean and crisp new set of specs:
try the iOS app

Best of the rest: - colour palettes good-to-go - posh and polished art, design, etc - see which of your tweets got left outside alone - searchable stock photography library w/ inbox delivery - the digital gospel - pineapple stock fruitography - as discussed here - GIFs to get you through London life - non-essential viewing converted into essential GIFs


PLTTS for the colour palette for the GIFs
KropCircle for the M
Product Hunt in general
Popjustice for the Cymbal tip
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