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Eaton and Genesee Counties join Lean & Green Michigan PACE team

Two more Michigan counties have created PACE districts with Lean and Green Michigan, continuing the program’s dramatic growth as America’s biggest statewide, single-market opt-in PACE program.  

On September 17, the Eaton County Commission voted 15-0 to join the program. This morning the Genesee County Commission followed suit in yet another unanimous vote of 9-0. With the addition of these two important counties, 4,320,314 people or 44% of all Michiganders live in a Lean & Green Michigan PACE district. 

What is more, these bipartisan votes continue to emphasize that PACE is not a political issue. It is just good public policy that helps businesses save money, puts people to work, improves our commercial and industrial building stock, and moves us towards a sustainable economy – without using taxpayer money. Lean & Green Michigan’s market-based model providing local governments with private administration and private financing makes it all possible.

Stay tuned for news of more jurisdictions joining in the months ahead. Even sooner, look for announcements about PACE projects coming to fruition across multiple jurisdictions.

Here is a map of the nine counties and three cities that have created PACE districts with Lean & Green Michigan.

5 Reasons not to miss PACE contractor training in October
As many of you know, we are hosting six contractor trainings across the state of Michigan this month. These trainings are a must for energy auditors and contractors of all kinds who want to take advantage of PACE financing. Here are five great reasons you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

1. PACE can really help you win new business! PACE is a powerful tool to help you grow your business by making larger and more complex projects cash flow for your customers. Simply put, there is no other finance tool that makes projects with a 10-15 year payback work for business property owners like PACE does. We’re talking no-money-down financing that requires no personal guarantee and provides positive cash flow for 10-20 years. That translates to bigger and more profitable jobs for you.

2. PACE is new – you need to learn how to use it. We have found that many contractors interested in PACE simply aren’t equipped to make use of it without a bit of training. So we designed a super-practical training to help you learn how to use it to maximum advantage in just four hours.

3. It’s the only way to get leads!  We feel a responsibility to make sure contractors we connect with property owners can do a good job helping property owners use PACE. So we designed our new contractor portal so that property owners will see only contractors that have gone through training. If you get trained and registered, you are in, both for direct outreach from property owners via the website and referrals from us when property owners ask us for help.

4. You get two-for-one. We have completely integrated our registration process with Michigan Saves. You actually register on the Michigan Saves website rather than ours. So once you have attended a Lean & Green Michigan training and have registered with Michigan Saves, you are good to go with both programs. What is more, if you are already registered for Michigan Saves, there’s no need to register again. The Michigan Saves $50 registration fee is good for both programs, any way you slice it.

5. Network with potential partners. Most contractors specialize in one or two areas and need partners with strength in other areas to take maximum advantage of PACE, which rewards a comprehensive approach rather than going after “low hanging fruit” or just one technology. What is more, with so little energy efficiency and renewable energy work having been done on commercial and industrial buildings, there’s plenty of work for everyone! PACE training is a great way to meet potential partners you may want to team with to win bigger or more complex jobs. 

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