September 2017 Newsletter

I hope everyone had a fun summer!
Fall is almost upon us, already! September 22nd is the first day of fall -- only a few weeks away.
I always look forward to the change of the seasons-- colors change, weather changes, and we sometimes change.
Change is good to help us grow. Did you ever notice how sometimes places and things we didn’t like in the past we now like? Taste buds change and so do our ideas of travel.
I found that as we get older most of us want to see more of the world and where history was made. Travel broadens the mind. Experience gives you education of the places you're visiting.

This fall several of my clients and friends are traveling to wonderful places in Europe.
One couple is going to Greece. As you can see from the picture (below) I had a wine carafe made by my friend, and talented artist Kathy Keck, from Touched by Fantasy. Look at the beautiful job she did and my clients loved it!

Another couple, as well, will be in Italy for their honeymoon. Wow-- what an amazing place to go for the most important day of your life. Congratulations!

In October, I will be hosting a group leaving for Scotland and we will actually see where they are filming the award winning T.V. show Outlanders. Group travel has so many positive elements. Every day you get together as a group and get to know them as family. There is a sense of safety when traveling with a group. 

When traveling, people sometimes hurt themselves when lifting suit cases or they become stiff from long plane or bus rides, and from lifting luggage the wrong way. Here is a tip from Allison from Priority Physical therapy. "One quick tip for traveling….Remember to maintain proper posture! Correct posture will prevent injuries and pain from lifting, long plane and/bus rides and from lots of walking.  Correct posture is the key to a fun and pain free trip. (For more tips from Priority Physical Therapy please visit their website")

Enjoy the crisp air of the coming fall season! 

Best wishes, and happy travels!
Upcoming "don't miss" adventures for 2017! :
  • New York Annual Holiday bus trip- Dec. 9, 2017- It's not too early to book your seat for this fun-filled day! Only $69. per person!
Sneak Peek at upcoming trips for 2018 :  “Where the destination and the Traveler come together to fit like a glove. Let us show you the world!”

We can customize any trip, vacation or destination that you desire.  You show up, we do the rest! We handle everything here-- and there!
For more information about designing a tailor made trip to Europe, which is my expertise, please contact me at: / 610-821-8829

New York City Holiday Bus Trip

December 9, 2017 $69.00 Per Person

Start the Holiday season with this fantastic bus trip to New York City! There's nothing like the gorgeous decorations lighting up the stores and streets to get you in a joyful spirit! Join Kathy and Mac for their Annual Holiday trip to fabulous New York City! Only 35 Seats available. This trip always sells out, so call as soon as possible to reserve your seat! 
For full details click on link below:

Bubbly send off to Greece

Mac's Hot Travel Tips-

Expect the Unexpected!:
Even the best travel plans can go awry-  so, try to be patient, open-minded and flexible
  • Usually these circumstances are out of your control, and while it may be frustrating to have plans turned upside down- learn to view your situation as an opportunity rather than a determent to your trip. 
  • If there's bad weather, there's always museums to go to, or explore the local restaurants and pubs.
  • If you're stuck in port on your cruise, you can take advantage of this time to go exploring the ports shops and eatery's. 
  • Bored on the bus?  Take this opportunity to meet the people sitting around you!
  • Unexpected changes to your itinerary are only "day-ruiners" - if you let them be.  Instead, let them be a positive experience of adding adventure to your trip!
So, decide which flavor lemonade you will make out of lemons!

MSC Magnifica-  
7 Nights in Northern Europe!  Oct. 6-13, 2018- Departs Hamburg, Germany
Join Mac and Me on this luxurious ocean liner as we head to France to enjoy their delicious food and wine. We'll be going to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and many more places in Paris.

Then it's off to Southampton London, England to tour Buckingham Palace, see Big Ben, go over London Bridge, and of course, we must stop in at a few of the English pubs!  Next we'll be visiting Zeebrugge, Belgium, Amsterdam Netherlands to see the famous windmills, and go on guided historical tours.  Hold your space with only $200.00 deposit!  
  • Pre and post packages available, (to be announced).  
  • Balcony Accommodations range- $999.00/pp - $1279.00/pp
  • Air fare: To be announced.
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