February 2020 Newsletter
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Whoever said February is boring?  We have Ground Hog Day, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, President's Day and Mardi Gras. So many events.  February is a great month to spot a beautiful red cardinal (which some people believe is a sign of a loved one who has passed). You can have all kinds of parties with all these holidays. Whoever said winter is boring, there is so much going on. 
I'm getting very excited now, about all the travel plans I'm making for my clients for the upcoming year. Some of you may not realize that I can plan your European trip around culinary and wine tasting, art and history, architecture and the grounds that famous people walked on.  I can arrange a VIP tour designed just for you, which will bring you closer to the country you are visiting.  You will have personalized care and warmth for each tour planned and carried out. I have private cultural tailored tours.  You will have first class experiences as I give personal attention to all my VIP tours. Even your hotels are hand-picked. Everyone has different tastes.  I love to get creative working with your schedule needs and interests for a one of a kind tour.  Some of you may be thinking of exploring where your grand parents came from.  I can even help find the house they were born, or lived in. My expertise is giving you the best value possible for your personally tailored vacation. 

Congratulations to our good friend and client, Dorothy on her recent retirement from Lehigh Valley Hospital Health Network.  Dorothy has been traveling with Kathy Mac's Travel for over 22 years!  Dorothy has already planned vacations on the upcoming Royal Caribbean trip to Bermuda, the Finger Lakes Wine tour in August, and the River Cruise to France in October! What a great way to start retirement!  

My hot travel picks for the Month- Don't miss these amazing adventures!! 

*** Finger Lakes Wine Tour-  August 15 & 16,2020 ***Special Group Rate expires May 30, 2020

*** Bermuda- Royal Caribbean- Empress of the Seas- June 29-July 6, 2020 **Special group rate expires Mar.1, 2020
*** Paris to Normandy River Cruise - Journey's Connect- Avalon Tapestry II- Oct. 3-14 (includes Pre and post dates) ** Special group rate expires June 10, 2020

Enjoy each moment of our beautiful winter!
Kathy and Mac


Upcoming trips for 2019 and 2020:

“Where the destination and the Traveler come together to fit like a glove. Let us show you the world!”

We can customize any trip, vacation or destination that you desire.  You show up, we do the rest! We handle everything here-- and there!
For more information about designing a tailor made trip to Europe, which is my expertise, please contact me at: /

Mac's Hot Safety Travel Tips​

Mac’s Tips- Donald "Mac" MacConnell, is a retired police Chief, has served with the PA State Police and was an MP for the Army, is a graduate of the FBI Academy, NA. 
Mac has learned a few things through his experience with law enforcement and graciously shares them with our subscribers for their safety.

Your valuables are invaluable!
> When traveling, keep an eye on all your belongings.
> Never let your suitcase, purse or carry on out of your sight. 

> Never set them down unattended, or walk away from them.  
> What you may think is not very valuable, others may think is very valuable and try to steal from you, and possibly harm you to get what they want.  

My physical therapist from Priority Physical Therapy, Allison Brewer, has some great tips on protecting your body from travel injuries.  Here are a few she shared with me:
Keep your luggage close to you
> When pulling your luggage behind you, keep it close and at your side to avoid straining your arm and shoulder.  
> Be especially careful when picking your luggage from the conveyor belt. Don't just grab it and yank it off the conveyor, or you may injure and/or dislocate your shoulder. 

Priority Physical Therapy LLC
Allison Brewer PT, DPT
Allentown, PA

Dorothy and Me on a Caribbean cruise a few years ago. Congratulations on your retirement, Dorothy! 

Beautiful Bermuda!

The breathtaking beauty of Bermuda is unmatched: Of all the islands and tropical paradises I've been to, Bermuda has always been my favorite!  After my first visit, I was hooked and that's when I decided to become a specialist in Bermuda travel.  

Travel Photography Tips 

Know your camera
> You'll get the best pictures in the early morning or late afternoon and evening.  
> Less people are around in the early hours of the day, 
> The mid-day sun is too harsh for good pictures. 
> Capture the local culture whenever you can. 

Bermuda- and Newport RI- Celebrity Cruises - Summit- June 28-July 5, 2020- 7 Nights

7 Nights Bermuda and Newport RI: Departs Cape Liberty, NJ
Visiting Bermuda and Newport, RI 
King's Wharf, Bermuda, downtown Hamilton, Gibbs Lighthouse, the Aquarium. And of course, beautiful Horseshoe bay with it's pink sand! 
Newport, RI offers a true taste of New England charm and heritage. Colonial era architecture, and the freshest seafood around!
Deposit $250.00 per person. 
For more information click on the link below:

Bermuda- Royal Caribbean- Empress of the Seas- June 29- July 6, 2020- 7 Nights

Old world charm meets paradise! Discover a history-filled paradise and luxurious pink sand beaches in Bermuda.
Departs Cape Liberty, NJ 
  • Explore British colonial landmarks like the Royal Navy Dockyard. 
  • Take a dip, and snorkel in the crystal clear blue waters at Horseshoe Bay. 
  • Shop and wander through the vibrantly painted streets of St. George's and Hamilton, and see the Gothic-style towers of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. 
  • Hike the Railway Trail and take in views of the clear-water coast, or snorkel among shipwrecks and coral reefs at Tobacco Bay.
  • While here, you must visit the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo!
Deposit $250. per person
For more information click on the link below:

Paris to Normandy River Cruise- Oct 3-14, 2020 (Pre/Post dates)

You'll fall in love with... This fabulous river cruise that combines time in France’s unparalleled capital of Paris with beautiful scenery along the Seine River and the picturesque and historical region of Normandy. On this French river cruise, you’ll enjoy wine, cheese, beautiful scenery along the Seine River, and stops in charming and historical parts of France, but your adventure would not be complete without some time in Paris—one of the world’s most romantic and vibrant cities! guided walk through the historic Île St. Louis with its narrow streets, and Île de la Cité where medieval Paris was founded, will be a delight. 
Deposit $250. per person
For more information click on the link below:


St Marten, Martinique, Grenada, Aruba Ocean Cay, Miami- MSC Cruises- Meraviglia - Oct. 22- Nov. 3, 2020 - 12 Nights

12 Night Grand Voyage - Departs NYC 
Visiting St. Marten, Martinique, Grenada, Aruba and a private Island in the Bahamas Ocean Cay, then to Miami. 
Exquisite, authentic dining options, Cirque Du Soleil, gorgeous state rooms with perfect blend of comfort and style. 
Deposit $250.00pp 
For more information click on the link below:


Bahamas- Royal Caribbean- Anthem of the Seas- Dec. 27, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021- 8 Nights

8 Nights-  Departs Cape Liberty, NJ 
Visiting Orlando FL, Coco Cay and Nassau Bahamas
Deposit $250.00pp
For more information click on the link below:


Why use KathyMac’s Travel services to plan your dream vacation instead of booking the trip on your own?
The internet is a wonderful, useful tool to book your own trip.  In some cases, you may find great deals, and it is tempting to grab the best price for your vacation.  However, those prices don’t always include fees, taxes and other service charges. Nor do they give you assistance on traveling to and from airports, or have a contact should you have an issue during your trip.  You are on your own.  If you’re traveling to a foreign country, this can be very scary and possibly dangerous. 
When you book your vacation with KathyMac’s Travel, you will always get exact prices, and no hidden costly surprises. Guaranteed.  You have the peace of mind that you and your family have someone to take care of any issues that might arise during your trip.  KathyMac’s Travel is with you every step of the way, in case you need help, and will work on your behalf should you need assistance.  We offer peace of mind and valuable vacation experiences! Group and individual travel.

What we do for you- 

  1. Meet with clients to discuss trip, budget, expectations. 
  2. Contact vendors to get best price and accommodations. Research tours and other sites that would make the trip more meaningful. 
  3. Arrange for Pre- and Post- packages** when applicable. 
  4. Arrange for transportation to and from the airport or cruise port.
  5. During your trip, should any issues arise, KathyMac’s Travel is there for you 24/7 

** Pre packages include transportation to hotel near departure airport the day before trip, which gives peace of mind and no worries about delays in traffic to get to the airport. In some cases, local tours are included. 
** Post packages (applies to Cruise’s only) include transportation from the cruise ship to a hotel or the airport, whichever is appropriate for the trip.  

Should you get travel insurance- Yes or No? 

KathyMac’s Travel offers Travel Guard through AIG.  We ALWAYS recommend purchasing travel insurance when traveling—especially when traveling out of the country.  The cost is so minimal for the peace of mind and benefits that the coverage offers.  
Coverage includes**: 
  • Travel medical assistance- emergency medical requests, including prescription replacement assistance, physician referrals, medical evacuations (if you need to be flown home for medical reasons). Will speak with medical personnel on your behalf at medical facility regarding payment. Will arrange and pay for for professional medical assistance, if necessary, to accompany you when traveling home.
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance- any travel emergency including lost, stolen or delayed baggage, replacing lost passport , emergency cash transfers, 24hr hotline to make emergency travel changes, such as rebooking flights, hotel reservations, tracking lost luggage. 
  • Concierge Services- Assists with restaurant referrals and reservations, tee time reservations, sporting or theater tickets, etc. 
  • Personal Security Assistance- includes evacuation assistance and safety advisories 
100% reimbursement of trip cost for cancellation**
150% reimbursement of trip cost for interruption
$750. Trip interruption- return air only
$750. Trip Delay (Max. $150.00/day)- pays for
accommodations while you’re delayed
$250. Missed connection – pays towards your rescheduled flight
$1000. Baggage & Personal Effects- If your baggage is lost or stolen
$300. Baggage delay- in case of delayed baggage and you need to purchase clothing and personal items.
$25,000- Accident Sickness Medical Expense
$500,000- Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains
$10,000- Accidental Death & Dismemberment

** Limitations apply
** Even if you have life, health, home and auto insurance policies coverage, there may be limitations if you travel out of the United States.  
** This summary is a general overview of the GOLD coverage through TravelGuard.  Please feel free to inquire about the details of your specific needs. 

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