January 2019 Newsletter
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Happy New Year! 
For me, January has always been the beginning of many things-- including setting new goals.  Planning the future yes, it is fun looking back on happy times, it is not good to start the new year on being stuck in a past that was not good.  Don't look back-- you are not going that way, you are going forward. I chose the red cardinals on the top because, it symbolizes everlasting vitality.  They are also considered a creative force. The red color equals vitality and creativity. Overall, the cardinal is a symbol of a confident and powerful personality that is always on top of a situation. The cardinal totem signifies the ability to get things done and how to make it successful.  Some believe that seeing a cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed.  When you see one, it is believed that they are visiting.  They show up when you most need them. So now, in place of my Christmas tree, I have red cardinals all around in my house. 
January is a powerful month with some predictive powers. Accordingly, January is named after  the Roman God "Janus" who was called the "God of the Doorway (or new beginnings)". Embrace January as a time for planning.

In December, Mac and I played Mr. & Mrs. Claus for the local Turning Point Shelter-- which we have done for the past 21 years!  It is always a rewarding experience! (Picture below). Over the holidays, we visited some of families in Roanoke, VA, and Denver, NC.  What great time we had with our children and grandchildren! (Picture below)

I'm moving forward with my group cruise to the Mediterranean this October.  I have a "pre" and a "post" package to go along with this fantastic trip! If you like time travel books and movies, on this trip you will feel like you've stepped back in time with the Roman and Gothic architectures.
Then, in November (1st-8th) Northern Ireland, which will include "Titanic Experience"-- a realistic re-creation of the Titanic, from a "boarding pass" style ticket to enter, visit staterooms how they looked on the Titanic, and the exquisite dining room, etc. 
While we're in Ireland we'll also see authentic step-dancing with plenty of Irish music! 

Please click on the links below or visit our website for more information on these, or any of our other exciting trips this year-- Hope you can join us!

Embrace all the wonderful opportunities that January has to offer! 

Kathy and Mac


Upcoming trips for 2019:

“Where the destination and the Traveler come together to fit like a glove. Let us show you the world!”

We can customize any trip, vacation or destination that you desire.  You show up, we do the rest! We handle everything here-- and there!
For more information about designing a tailor made trip to Europe, which is my expertise, please contact me at: /

Mac's Hot Safety Travel Tips​

Mac’s Tips:
Check out the pump! 
> Before traveling anywhere in your vehicle, be sure to have your gas tank full.  Especially if you're in the snowy areas of the country.  > Always be aware if the pump you're using looks unusual, as it may have been tampered with by scammers using scanning devices to get your credit card and pin number information

Mac & me at Turning Point Shelter

At our daughter, Krisin's house at Christmas 2018

At our son's house with the grandchildren Christmas 2018 

Good for Every Body

My physical therapist from Priority Physical Therapy, Allison Brewer, has some great tips on protecting your body from travel injuries.  Here are a few she shared with me:
> Ask for help when placing luggage overhead.  If you have trouble reaching, or if you bag is too heavy, ask for someone to give you assistance. Remember this both with getting on the plane and when you have arrived and you are leaving the plane. 

Eastern Caribbean- Carnival Cruises Sunrise (Formerly Triumph)- Aug. 19-27, 2019

Carnival Cruises "The Fun Ship" -
Depart New York, NY:
San Juan,
Puerto Rico 
St. Thomas
Grand Turk 
For more information, click on the link below:

Western Mediterranean- MSC Cruises- Divina- October 19-26, 2019   

Experience the culture of Europe from the beginning to the end of your cruise. MSC Divina is a European vessel with accommodations, staff and cuisine that let's the passenger continue the European experience onboard ship. 

7 Nights in Western Mediterranean: 

Leaves Genoa, Italy
Civitaivecchia (Rome)
Italy Palermo (Monreale) 
Italy Cagliari, Italy
Palma Le Mallorca, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Marseille (Provence) 
Arrives Genoa, Italy

For more information, click on the link below:

An Ireland Adventure- Journey's Connect Nov. 1-8, 2019

Belfast, Derry, Ballyfarnon: Truly the adventure of a lifetime! 
  • Accommodations feature all 4-Star hotels
  • Breakfast each morning
  • 4- three- course dinners
  • Titanic Experience
  • Historical Belfast City Tour with a local guide
  • The Giant's Causeway
  • The Guinness Storehouse
For more information, click on the link below:
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